5 Amazing Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Business

Want to know the reasons to have a mobile app?

Mobile apps are the most powerful way for businesses to connect with their customers. They allow companies to provide an easy-to-use, personalized experience that makes it easier than ever before for people to do what they need to do.

Whether that’s finding information about products or services, checking in at a restaurant, or getting real-time updates on deals and promotions. And because mobile is always with us, there’s no limit on where we can use them – from the office to our homes, while commuting or even when we travel abroad.

If you want your company to stay relevant, you must have a mobile app for your customers. There is no reason not to start developing a mobile app for business today.

Here are five amazing benefits of a mobile app for your business.

  1. Completeness

The most important benefit with regards to your brand image and market share is the completeness factor. Customers enjoy browsing through apps rather than websites because it makes transactions faster and easier. This increases customer satisfaction and has been shown in studies to improve conversions by about 80%.

  1. Increase Exposure

A study conducted by Omnicon showed that 90% of users who downloaded an app were likely or very likely to recommend the app to a friend. When users are happy with the app, they naturally want their friends and family to have access as well!

  1. App Promotions

A mobile app gives you an enormous platform for promoting products or services by offering incentives in return for downloads. For instance, if your company wants more exposure try running a promotion where every download comes with a discount code good for 30% off of the first purchase.

This is extremely effective given that almost half of all shoppers research their mobile devices before making purchases!

  1. Brand Loyalty & Trust

You can build brand loyalty through most social media platforms but having an actual app dedicated to your business makes it easy for users to stay up-to-date about new offers and promotions without even taking action themselves.

A great example of this is Groupon. They have built a large user base because they do all the work for their customers! If they set up an app that does not spam users with ads and provides value, your company can build trust & loyalty over time.

  1. Customer Analytics

Your business will be able to track how often each customer uses your mobile app which helps determine what features are most important to them. You’ll also learn more about user demographics like age range or location data (if allowed) so you can personalize your marketing strategy accordingly for future campaigns.

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Want to Know More About the Benefits of a Mobile App?

The benefits of a mobile app are plentiful. You can increase your customer base, improve your customer service experience, make it easier to stay in touch with customers, and more!

If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of building an app for your business, and the different types of mobile app, check out our blog for a complete guide to mobile apps for business!

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