5 Attractive Tourist Attractions To Wander In 2022

From fashion, food, wine, cars, and gaming, France is famous for everything one can think about, and let’s not forget the beautiful capital city Paris. France is one of the hottest tourist destinations and an amazing country globally. As you travel the place and especially the cities, you will find more wine, food, fashion also, as you can see many historical sites and museums. 

It is a combination of contemporary and traditional surroundings. People of France love their culture and especially like to conversate in the French language. You will find everything from the old-world charm to modern world gaming destinations. Furthermore, people play online Roulette at reputed sites like NetBet for fun and entertainment. 

So, if you are searching to travel to a leading destination in Europe, France is a place to choose. You can add it to your bucket list this year. Let us now dive into some of its best tourist attractions.

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Verdon Gorge Canyon

Are you a nature lover? If yes, this place in Southern France is a sight to see where you can witness the Verdon Gorge River passing through the high canyons. The lush blue waters carrying the mineral-rich rocks make this destination quite amazing. Tourists can enjoy rafting, kayaking, hiking, paragliding, and mountain climbing. 

Louvre Museum

This is one of the finest places with a fantastic collection of the European fine arts. You will find amazing artifacts like Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo sculpture, and Veronese’s famous wedding feast at Cana. Moreover, you can find the collections from the period of Napoleon 1. You can hire a guide or check with the museum to appreciate the historical heritage and artifacts.

Chateau De Chambord, Loir et Cher

If you are wondering where to find the world’s finest French architecture, it is in France, Chateau De Chambord, Loir et Cher. It is based in Loire Valley, and the forest park surrounds this entire manor. Chateau was built as a hunting lodge, but now it is turned into a world heritage site. You can watch out for the mixture of Italian and French styles in the rooms inside the manor. Most tourists visit here on guided tours with experienced guides.

Palace Of Versailles

The palace was the residence of the royal family of France since the 17th century. Here, King Louis XIV lived and has housed the royals until 1789. It is also declared as a UNESCO Heritage Site. When you visit the palace, it is a must to see the Hall of Mirrors with a dazzling gallery, which sparks when the sunlight enters the windows. The ornamental mirrors, glided detailing, and glittering chandeliers make this palace look more happening.

Epernay Champagne 

France is known for this gentleman’s drink, Champagne. Epernay is a small town located in Reims, known for its Champagne. Moreover, this wine capital is full of vines and is a great place for wine tasting. The Avenue du Champagne is where you can explore new wine tastes. There are even a few mansions and wealthy middle-class homes owned by Champagne makers now. Overall, Epernay is a place for wine lovers from across the globe.


Along with the Cannes Film Festival and Eiffel Tower, France has much to offer its tourists. You can watch out for natural sites, vineyards, museums, and palaces. The vibrant and amazing mixture of modernism and traditional culture will leave you in awe. Are you planning a summer vacation to a European destination? France has a lot to offer and do not forget to taste the sumptuous food here.

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