5 Common Functions of The HR Department

The human resources department in your company is responsible for several matters related to your employees. The essential functions include hiring and welcoming new employees, evaluating performance, organizing activities for the personnel, taking care of the health and safety of employees, and offering training classes. There are some great human resources tools to manage HR tasks. 

Along with many other daily tasks that your HR managers complete, these are the primary duties of your HR department. 

Recruitment and onboarding

One of the main functions of the HR department is the proper organization of recruitment software processes and employee onboarding. Finding suitable candidates, shortlisting based on the resumes, interviewing, and making the offer is where HR managers’ main work starts. This process is critically important since good employees also take care of your customers and highly value the importance of customer service

Eventually, the new employees need to be greeted accordingly, which is when the onboarding process happens. HR managers introduce the new employee to the team and then make sure they get integrated into the team. These, along with advertising the entry level positions available in Charlotte, are some of the primary duties that HR managers deal with in their daily workflows.

Performance management

Another significant function of the HR department includes performance management. It is essential to check how each employee does in their work, hint on how to have a productive week, and learn the obstacles that hinder them from doing their best at work. Integrate andcards to ease the management of your teams, especially the ones working remotely. 

Your HR managers can conduct evaluations monthly and develop a rewarding style and recognition based on that. The latter, in its turn, will boost employee motivation and engagement. 

Employee engagement

Your HR department also deals with employee engagement. It is essential to create a friendly work environment beneficial for the company. To assist in the completion of this task, your HR department can organize team meetings, fun activities, or team buildings. 

These activities will aim to build strong communication among the employees and contribute to employee engagement. Moreover, you can use social media, create office-related FB statuses with joyful pictures, share random stories from office life, and tag your employees to keep them engaged. 

Employee health

Another critical function of your HR department is to ensure a secure workplace and assist in employee health. It is not only important to pay attention to physical health but also mental. Therefore, it is essential to exclude any conflicts that could lead to a toxic atmosphere in the workplace. 

As the HR managers are meant to manage employee deals, this task lies in their hands. Therefore, it is also vital that the HR department allocates sick days for the employees when making them the offer and be understanding in the cases when sick employees take day-offs. 

Employee training and development

Last but not least, your HR department should also ensure professional growth for your employees. This task can be completed in a few ways. First, they can organize in-house training or courses for the employees to level up their skills. 

Second, they can inform the general director to finance the employees to take any courses outside their community to help them in their work. 

Third, the HR managers can offer the employees to shift to another job in the company if they see growth and inspiration in employees. All in all, these ways can ensure employee development and career growth. 

Wrapping up 

The HR department functions in a company include but are not limited to recruitment, using new hire onboarding software, performance management, employee engagement, health and security, and training and development. These are some of the primary duties that HR managers deal with in their daily workflows. 

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