5 Cosmetic Nursing Courses You Can Take to Further Your Career

As a nurse, most of your life is spent catering to the needs of the people under your care. Day after day, you administer medication, perform injections, sort out charts, wrap limbs, and so many other tasks. So, understandably, you have your hands full. It’s safe to say that nursing is one of the most taxing careers out there.

But what if you could shift from your traditional nursing job to something less stressful with wonderful pay and benefits?

Yes, being a nurse doesn’t always have to be difficult. You can become a cosmetic nurse, also known as an aesthetic nurse. Apart from getting you away from the pressures of a conventional clinical setting, being a cosmetic nurse gives you the satisfaction of boosting someone’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

So, how do you become one? Quite simple. Take a short cosmetic nursing course in an area of interest. Some of the best courses in the space include:

Lip Artistry

More and more people today are doing lip augmentation procedures for various reasons. While some may want to change their natural shape or size, others seek this treatment to add volume to their lips, usually lost with age. With a lip artistry course, you will learn all the different types of lip fillers popular today and how to administer them properly to achieve the desired results.

Cheek Structuring

People are looking to sculpt their cheeks in the quest for beauty. A cheek sculpting procedure creates a “snatched” structured look to the face. With this course, you become an expert in cheek sculpting and molding the perfect face through various treatment methods, including dermal fillers and muscle relaxers.

Chin & Jawline Enhancement

A lot of people desire a structured jawline and chin. Chin and jawline enhancement procedures use dermal fillers to define these areas, add volume, and lift hanging skin, usually jowls, to give patients a more youthful appearance. As a nurse qualified in this procedure, you will be highly sought-after and will find satisfaction in brightening people’s smiles every day.

Botulinum Toxin (Botox)

Botox is perhaps the most sought-after cosmetic procedure and one of the best courses to level up your career. With this course, you learn how to use botulinum toxin injectables to relax muscles in certain areas of the face, temporarily stopping the formation of wrinkles. This gives patients more youthful-looking skin.

Skin Boosters & Bio-Remodelers

There is also an increased demand for cosmetic procedures that improve skin quality. Skin boosters and bio-remodelers are injectable treatments that do just that. With this course, you can help your patients rejuvenate their skin and fight signs of aging.

Pick the Cosmetic Nursing Course That Works Best for You

Being a nurse doesn’t mean you need to get stuck in the traditional job description. The cosmetic field is fast evolving and expanding. And this has created countless job opportunities. So, take one of the above courses and be on your way to a more fulfilling career path.

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