5 Fantastic Ideas for Showing off Your Creative Portfolio

Your creative portfolio tells the world what you can do as a visual artist and design pro. Putting together a great-looking portfolio takes a lot of hard work and patience. So the last thing you want to do is fail to get it in front of future clients and employers.

Now that you’ve completed the work of designing and assembling your portfolio, it’s time to promote it as much as you can. Here’s how to show off your skills and talent so you reach the right audience.

  1. Start Sharing on Social Media

Getting your work online is one of the best ways to share your portfolio and get it in front of potential clients and hiring managers. In addition to having a portfolio website and domain name, you should set up social media accounts and post to them on a regular basis. 

If manual posting is not something you can or want to do, use a social media post scheduler and set your content up ahead of time. Doing this will allow you to write new content a few times a week or month, so you’ll be free to focus on your primary creative work.

  1. Partner With Another Artist

Another way to get your work out there is to partner with another artist or creative agency. You could design a coffee table book featuring your portfolio and theirs, or share exhibit space in a local gallery. 

Going to arts and crafts fairs is a great way to meet retail buyers, but sometimes the cost of a booth can be prohibitive to new artists. But if you partner up, you’ll only have to pay half the booth fees.

You could also offer to do their social media posting in exchange for website maintenance, or have them do the bookkeeping in exchange for uploading new photos to their website, etc.

  1. Blog About Your Creative Portfolio

People love to read about their favorite subjects. So why don’t you accompany your creative digital portfolio with a blog?

Blogging about your creative business is the perfect way to gain more fans. Your audience will want to know and understand your creative process, what motivates you to work, and what inspires you. 

Don’t be afraid to get a conversation going. Most fans love to be able to talk with their favorite artists and ask questions! 

If being a class instructor is one of your professional goals, having an interactive blog may be just what you need to find students and start teaching

  1. Win Some Awards

Don’t be afraid to enter your work in contests. You know you’re good, so it’s time to get some recognition and accolades to brag about. Once you have the award, you can put a virtual plaque on your website to celebrate!

  1. Get to Know Other Art and Design Professionals 

Even though we live in the world of social media, nothing beats good, old-fashioned networking. It’s important to get out and meet designers and artists in your area.

You can exchange creative advice and talk about what’s trending in the industry. Take your business cards and a miniature portfolio pamphlet. Be “the life of the party” at all networking events you attend!

Make Portfolio Show That You’re One of a Kind

Above all, use your portfolio to stand out from everyone else! Be as original as you can, and wow your fans with your uniqueness and the quality of your work. And remember, don’t include all of your work, just feature a few of your very best pieces. 

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