5 Latin Musicians Who Are Worth Knowing

Latin musicians are highly popular worldwide and have been contributing to music improvement for decades. Without them, the music industry would be entirely different and less successful. 

These days, Latin performers are primarily known for their reggaeton and trap music, but Latin artists have been famous all across the globe long before these music styles became a thing. Of course, it’s up to every person to pick and choose what they will listen to, but it’s essential to know different Latin musicians from various music styles and genres. 

Since there are so many of them, we’ll focus on five Latin musicians worth knowing, both from the younger and older generation.

Bad Bunny

If we start with Latin performers from the younger generation, it’s fair to state that Bad Bunny is leading the music scene. Fortunately or not, he is one of the most significant reasons why reggaeton and trap music are so famous all over the world. 

This Puerto Rican performer has released five studio albums so far, and it’s evident they are successful since Bad Bunny tour 2022 tickets are in huge demand and sell out pretty quickly. 

Maybe one of the best things about Bad Bunny is that he likes to address societal issues and try to help people in challenging situations. Bunny’s lyrics address various themes such as passion, love, social problems, and LGBT challenges, among others.

Since he is only 28 years old, it’s interesting to see how his musical career will evolve in the years to come.


There aren’t a lot of people around the world, especially when it comes to music lovers, who don’t know about Shakira. 

The Colombian singer has been performing all across the globe for more than thirty years now. Her trademarks include her beautiful and specific singing voice and fantastic belly dancing abilities.

Shakira has won almost any music award you can imagine, from Grammy Awards to Billboards and MTV VMAs. In addition, this Colombian performer has been voted the Top Female Latin Artist of the Decade twice by Billboard magazine. 

Therefore, it’s not a surprise at all that Shakira is highly popular worldwide, and what’s even more interesting is that she’s only 45 years old, so the best is yet to come.

Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana is probably the best Mexican-American guitarist of all time. He is an icon in the music industry and one of the few musicians left among us who was part of the legendary Woodstock Festival in 1969.

Santana, with his band of the same name, was and still is able to create fantastic musical fusions of rock, Latin rhythms, jazz music, psychedelic rock, samba, etc.

When it comes to guitar playing, for many people, it’s not so easy to learn guitar chords, let alone become a guitar virtuoso, but not for Santana. This Latin musician achieved something impressive: commercial success while still staying true to his artistic expression. 

Staying true to his musical roots while experimenting with various musical genres led Carlos Santana to the music industry’s top for decades!

Enrique Iglesias

It’s fair to say that if Enrique Iglesias would stop his career today – God forbid – he would still be considered one of the greatest singers of all time. 

The Spanish songwriter and singer went step-by-step by first becoming the best-selling Spanish-language act of the 90s, and by the turn of the millennium, Enrique began to conquer the English-language music industry successfully. 

Of course, his turn toward the worldwide music market was highly successful, and he became one of the best-selling Latin performers ever, with estimated record sales of more than 70 million all over the globe.

With 11 studio albums, 80 music videos, and 62 singles released so far, Enrique Iglesias’s discography is one the most productive ones among Latin musicians. 

Marc Anthony

Even though born in New York, Marc Anthony is a son of Puerto Rican parents. Also, he has many songs in Spanish and is considered the best-selling tropical salsa performer of all time.

In addition, Marc Anthony has won six Latin Grammy Awards and three Grammys and sold more than twelve million albums all over the globe. Regarding salsa and ballads, Marc Anthony is the king among Latin musicians. 


What’s even more fascinating is that Marc holds the Guinness World Record for top-selling salsa and tropical singer and is a performer with the most number-one albums on Billboard’s Tropical Albums year-end charts. In addition, Anthony is a singer with the most number-one tracks on the Latin Tropical Airplay chart by Billboard with 32 tracks.

He is also a songwriter and an actor that had some successful roles in Hollywood movies.

Here you have the five Latin musicians worth knowing, so try listening to their music as soon as possible and buy concert tickets if you want to enjoy their electrifying stage performances!

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