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5 of the Best Things About Living in Green Bay

With a population of over 100,000, Green Bay in Wisconsin is the best of both worlds. You get a nice city with a lot of people, but none of the anonymity and hustle and bustle of a city that’s just too large.

Whether you’re moving to Green Bay for work or to be close to family, or have just been considering somewhere new to move, living in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is pretty awesome for all types of people

Here are the best things about living in this great place.

  1. The Beach

Most cities are pretty landlocked, meaning you don’t get the benefits of being on the water. Moving to Green Bay isn’t quite like that!

Bay Beach sits on Lake Michigan, meaning you can go and enjoy the water. There are also plenty of things to do on the beach, whether you want to take a stroll along the water or check out the amusements they have to offer.

  1. A Variety of Homes

Wisconsin real estate is diverse, and there are homes to suit every need in this city. Green Bay real estate ranges from apartments for single people or couples, to large family homes that are great for lots of kids.

There are different areas, some close to the beach, others close to great schools — this city is so diverse that you can find an area to suit your needs, as long as you have an expert in the field guiding you.

You can contact Dallaire Realty for all your real estate needs in Green Bay.

  1. Close to Lambeau Field

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll love being close to Lambeau Field. This stadium is the home field of the Green Bay Packers and has hosted some pretty spectacular games.

This modern facility has a capacity of 80,000, not to mention a great atmosphere.

  1. Great Nature

Although Green Bay is a city, there’s no shortage of nature when moving to Wisconsin if you choose here.

Bay Beach Wildfire Sanctuary has all of the animals you could ever want, in a place that truly takes care of the animals. If you’re into plants, there are botanical gardens that are truly something to behold.

  1. Great Food and Drinks

When moving to any new place, you want to know there’s great food and drink to be had. Green Bay has you covered.

Along with many awesome restaurants that cater to all types of diets, breweries like Stillmank Brewing Company and Noble Roots Brewing Co provide some awesome beer.

Living in Green Bay Is Awesome

Living in Green Bay, Wisconsin is awesome, so if you decide you want to move here, you’ve made a good choice. Even if you’re moving here for work or other reasons unrelated to the city itself, you’ll soon discover how much there is to do here.

There’s a home to suit everyone, so contact a trusted real estate agent and let them find you the perfect set-up.

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