5 Parenting Tips for a Newborn Baby

Good care will ultimately affect your baby’s health. Every parent ultimately wants to care for their baby to the best of their ability, so it is important to put a lot of thought into the process. Here are 5 basic tips for parents to help take good care of newborn babies.


Considering that sunscreen is not suitable for babies younger than 1 year, you need to think about other ways to keep your baby safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Keep your baby protected from the sun and the harsh elements by clothing them in suitable and protective items of clothing. Try to keep them in a shade as much as possible until you can protect them with sunscreen. When applying sunscreen or lotion, make sure that you don’t use too much as it can be harmful to the child’s natural skin growth.

Always check your baby’s skin after a couple of hours and remove the oil from their skin. If you don’t do this step, the excess oil might leave your baby’s skin dry and vulnerable.Never use scented baby products on the skin of newborn baby, this too can cause irritation.

Washing of clothes is an essential part because babies are so sensitive to the bacteria thant can live in fabric.


Playing in water is always fun for babies. Bathing can be such a relaxing or stress-releasing activity for them, helping them to wind down. However, every parent should know that there are a few tips in which they need to keep in mind while giving their baby a bath. Keep all of the bathing supplies handy such as a towel, soaps, lotions, etc. By keeping them within an arms reach, you will never need to leave your baby unattended during bath time.

Parents should also try and resist the urge to bathe their babies frequently. Frequent bathing can lead to develop some skin problems and irritaion


Changing nappies is probably the most sensitive of all baby care rules and tips. But, now in 2022, the process of nappying has become much easier due to the advancements made to the modern nappy. Parents have easy access to disposable diapers, in fact, there are many different brands of nappies that are vying for the attention of consumers.

To put a nappy on your baby effectively, gather up a couple of wipes and ointments or anything you need while changing the diaper and have them handy and ready to go. Lay your baby down and leave your hand on them as they lay on the change table. Then clean the baby’s skin with your wipes, take the existing diaper off and then clean underneath the baby as well. Place a new diaper down underneath the baby and then set it according to the baby’s size. Make sure you fix the diaper very carefully. Because if not, the diaper will be leak.


Many people love to be a babysitter because it’s a very delightful job. Cradle hold, hip hold, sling hold, shoulder hold, and belly-hold are the different types of holds you can use to cradle a baby with different angles.

You can utilise each hold depending on how the baby likes to be cradled and whether you need to multitask at the same time.

Traveling with Babies

Whenever you make a plan for travel, make sure that you take a baby car seat with you. It helps both the baby and their parent when travelling. Parents can drive or do other activities while the baby sits safely in the back seat. If you don’t have a baby seat you can buy a baby car seat from Maxi-Cosi at very reasonable prices.

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