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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Home Siding

Do you think it’s time for new siding?

Your home’s siding isn’t only there to look nice, it plays a vital role in protecting your home. Without it, water and dirt could get inside your home, so you must look after it. But, it’s not always easy to tell when it’s time to replace your siding.

Don’t worry, we can help! Read on for these 5 signs you should replace home siding today.

  1. Siding is Rotting, Warping or Cracking

If your siding is rotting or you’ve got warped siding it’s a massive sign of damage. Do a visual inspection all around your home, even the smallest cracks could be cause for concern.

Check if the layer beneath is still solid or if it’s soft and gives way. If you have rot setting in, it’s time to call a professional to have your siding replaced.

  1. Peeling Paint, Bubbles, or Blisters on Your Siding

If you see peeling paint, or bubbles and blisters under the surface, beware! This is a sign that water’s gotten trapped inside your siding, and you might have issues with moisture.

By design, siding is there to stop water and moisture from getting into your home. If you have these issues, it’s a sign that it’s no longer doing the job it’s designed for. It’s time for a home siding replacement.

  1. You Spot Mildew, Mold, or Fungus on Your Siding

Be on the lookout for mold, fungus, or other growth on your siding. Especially near any joints and seams. They will grow and thrive wherever there is moisture.

If you have any of these, it’s a sign that water is getting into your siding. And thus, creating the perfect environment for it to take root and survive.

Not all types of fungus should cause alarm, but it’s definitely time to investigate. A professional siding expert will be able to tell you if any growth should be of concern.

  1. The Color of Your Siding is Very Faded

Once your siding starts to fade and lose its color it’s not only an aesthetic problem. It’s a sign that your waterproofing could be able to fail.

This doesn’t mean you’ve already got a serious issue though. It should be a sign to take preemptive measures. Replace the siding, before disaster strikes and call in the professionals for certified siding repairs.

  1. You’re Seeing Higher Energy Bills

Soaring energy bills can come as a result of many factors, faulty siding being one of them. First, rule out things like:

  • Faulty insulation
  • Roof and attic problems
  • Drafty windows and doors

If you still can’t get to the bottom of it, the old siding could be the cause. Siding also should help your home hold onto its heat and cold, keeping you insulated. Old and damaged siding won’t insulate as it should do, causing energy bills to soar.

Don’t Delay and Replace Home Siding Today!

So, there you have it! Now you know these 5 signs for when you need to replace home siding, you know what to look for.

Keep an eye on your siding as part of your regular home maintenance. This will help you spot small issues before they get worse. Once you do spot something and aren’t sure, it’s always best to get a professional opinion.

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