5 Signs Your TV Antenna Needs to Be Repaired

TV antennas might not be all the rage at the minute, but they are an affordable way to get most major channels without paying massive fees to cable companies. There are many different antennas that people can get.

It helps to understand your antenna and how it works so that you can immediately assess the problem and decide whether or not your antenna needs a repair.

You don’t want to miss out on watching TV, so here are five signs that your TV antenna needs repairing.

1. Bad Reception

This is an obvious place to start, but if your TV reception is very bad, then it may be your antenna.

When working correctly, you should have a clear, unbroken signal. If you’re getting constant interference and the images appear grainy, and the audio sounds off, then it could be time to call an antenna repairman.

2. Your TV Antenna Is Damaged or Facing the Wrong Way

It’s worth your time to check your antenna regularly.

Perhaps you’re having trouble because your antenna is pointing in the wrong direction. It could also be that your antenna is damaged in some way. Although the antenna usually sits on top of your house, it can regularly be damaged in severe weather and high winds.

If it’s missing a leg or other significant part, then you’ll need to learn about antenna repairs.

3. You’re Not Getting Many Channels

An excellent working digital antenna will be able to get six HD channels at a minimum. Noticing that you’re not finding channels that you regularly watch could be another sign that your antenna needs repair.

You can double-check this by going into your settings and doing a channel search. It may be that your tv has had an error, and you need to reset the channels available to you. If this doesn’t work, then it’s probably the antenna that needs repairing.

4. Your Cables Are Damaged

Sometimes it’s not a broken antenna that’s causing your problems.

Occasionally, the cables and wires that connect your antenna to your TV might need repairing. They can become damaged in several ways. They might have been twisted for an extended period, perhaps they’ve been accidentally pulled out of the wall, and sometimes pests like mice and rats can gnaw clean through them.

If you call an antenna repairman, they should be able to replace your cables.

5. The Picture Keeps Cutting out

This will be the most obvious sign that your TV antenna needs repair.

If you’re watching tv and the signal goes out completely, then the antenna is probably the problem. This may happen intermittently, or it may happen once without your picture coming back.

Sometimes there will be no picture at all when you turn your tv on, just static. This is also a sign that you need to call someone to repair your antenna.

TV Antenna Repair Is Affordable and Easy

If you’ve noticed one or more of these problems with your antenna, then it’s likely that you need someone to come out and repair it for you. TV antenna repair can be a simple process and is always carried out by qualified professionals.

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