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5 Simple Tips for Installing Carpet Gripper Strips

In 2019, a single real estate company installed nearly a million yards of carpet in the homes it managed. Carpets are getting more popular every day and can be found in houses all across the world.

And yet, in spite of the immense popularity of carpets, some fairly basic aspects of them are still a mystery. Consider, for example, humble carpet gripper strips.

Carpet grippers and gripper strips are an essential part of carpet installation, but many people find themselves totally baffled when it comes to installing them. Well, the confusion ends here, because we have 5 simple tips to make installing carpet gripper strips a total breeze.

Let’s check them out!

1. Measure Twice and Grip Once

As with so many other parts of around-the-house DIY, accurate measurements are completely crucial to getting a tight and secure fit for your carpet gripper strips. Measure the sides of your room, take note of all the weird angles and strange curves, and make sure your grippers fit.

If you’re lucky, your carpet grippers can be bought in the right size. If not, though, you’ll have to take a saw to them to get them down to size.

2. Clean Up

Imagine the scene: you’ve finally got your carpet installed. It all fits nicely, and you’re ecstatic about how it looks and feels.

And then you notice a lump smack-dab in the center of it.

Before you do anything with carpets or carpet grippers, make sure your floor is totally free of dirt and detritus. Carpet gripper strips can run into problems when installed in dirty areas, so clean up!

3. Don’t Get Too Hammer-Happy

Carpet grippers need to be nailed in, but in such a way that the tacks on them aren’t damaged. It pays to use a smaller hammer when you’re affixing the gripper to the floor, as this minimizes your risk of striking something that might otherwise be damaged.

4. Use a Spirit Level Before Putting Carpet Gripper Strips Down

Your floor might look flat, but there are often hidden high and low spots on its surface that can play havoc with carpet grippers. Use a spirit level and some sandpaper to even out your floor before you start the installation.

5. Put Some Gloves On!

This last tip is for your own safety: carpet grippers are covered in sharp bits of metal. That is, after all, kind of the point, that means a lot of potential pain for an incautious installer. Save yourself some trouble and slip a pair of workman’s gloves on.

Installing Carpets the Smart Way

By following these tips, you can ensure your experience with installing carpet gripper strips is as smooth and painless as possible. If you’re cautious, diligent, and safety-minded, you can make short work of a difficult job and have a beautiful new carpet at the end of it.

Not bad, right?

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