5 technology trends are going to dominate in 2022

Artificial Intelligence

AI is not a format or a function, it is a process and the ability to think and analyze data. Despite the fact that at the mention of “artificial intelligence” many people represent intelligent humanoid robots that capture the world, in reality AI is not intended to replace humans. Its goal is to expand the limits of human abilities and capabilities. Therefore, this technology is a valuable business resource. AI is also doing its job in the streaming world. For instance, Twitch is implementing big things when it comes to streaming with the help of AI. Streamers can buy Twitch live viewers for a better jump-start in this industry and AI will help them to progress over the time.

RPA is easy automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a class of technologies that are based on the use of various robots (bots) and are designed to automate repetitive tasks. RPA is one of the automation options using software robots. These bots interact with business systems, automating various, mostly simple tasks at the operational level. For example, search for an email that contains an invoice, retrieve data, and then enter it into the accounting system. RPA technologies have three distinctive features – the ability to use a human-friendly user interface, technical ease and focus on individual and local business needs.

Edge computing

Peripheral computing still has a long way to go, but several interesting scenarios are already known today, and even more are expected in the future. Peripheral computing allows commercial companies and other types of organizations to analyze large amounts of data on the ground or on devices in real time. This opens up a number of new opportunities in terms of revenue sources, increased productivity and reduced costs.

Edge-scenarios are appearing more and more in various fields, such as: modernization of agriculture, relevant information for the military, law enforcement and emergency services, increasing the waste of industrial production while reducing the carbon footprint, increasing the uptime of marine drilling rigs and many others.

Quantum calculations

Quantum computing is the most mysterious and yet unexplored area of ​​all quantum technologies. New materials for cars and airplanes, drugs against previously incurable diseases, instant optimization of hundreds of different parameters – all this is expected from the quantum computer in the next decade.

Virtual reality

The following technological trends include three realities: virtual (VR), augmented (AR) and extended (ER). VR is immersive, and AR improves the user experience in the environment. The video game industry has long used virtual reality. Want a race in virtual reality – no problem! Project CARS 2 will make it possible, Dance central VR will teach you to dance, and PokerStars VR will allow you to sit at virtual tables and play poker. Despite these and other possibilities, virtual reality technologies have come a long way and have also been implemented in other aspects of our daily lives. Now they are used to treat, teach and model.

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