5 things that make more people choose V Part wigs

We are living in a time where the popularity of wigs is increasing. Wigs are made for every person’s style and to suit their fashion sense as well as your facial shape. Wigs are such a fashion accessory these days and so affordable that you can have one or two wigs to suit your activities. 

There are lace wigs, easy-to-wear headband wigs, V wigs, U shaped wigs. V part wigs are the choice of most young fashionistas today. 

Let us look in at the different styles and types of V part wigs. Being informed will allow you to make the best choice for a Thin Part wig from Findingdream

What exactly is a V Part Wig?

A V Part wig is a wig that has a V opening on the forehead and crown of the wig. This allows your natural hair to be pulled through this opening making your natural hair and the hair from the wig look virtually the same. Your own hair blends perfectly with the rest of the wig.


The V shaped opening lets you pull your natural hair through the V shaped gap creating a smooth unrecognizable natural hairline. You can use your natural hair to create a middle parting, a side parting or pull your natural hair back according to the style you prefer.

What is the advantage of a V part wig?

  • A V Part wig is easy to put on and easy to remove 

   V part wigs have no lace caps or silicon caps that have to be glued onto 

   your scalp. The great benefit of this is that you don’t have to shave off your 

   own hair before putting on the wig. And there will be no glue residue when 

   you remove the wig.  

   To put on a V part wig, simply take out your natural hair to pull through the

   V shape. Now put the V part wig onto your head and use the small combs

   attached to the wig to fasten the V part wig onto your natural hair or braids.


   Adjust the wig until it looks perfect. Now pull your natural hair through the V 

   shaped opening and style as you would like. You can part your natural hair 

   in the middle, the side or pull it all back. Add some glitter to your hair for a 

   spectacular night out on the town or pull your hair back into a ponytail for 

   work or a business lunch.

  • V part wigs blend well with natural hair and looks more natural

   Your natural hair is pulled through the open V shape on the wig and 

   when you pull your hair through this opening it naturally blends with 

   the hair from the wig. The V part opening that you pull your natural hair 

   through makes it impossible to see where your real hair stops and the wig 

   begins, creating a perfect blend between your natural hair and the hair of 

   the wig.

  •  V part wigs use no glue that can irritate or damage your scalp 

    When you use a full hair wig it comes with a cap that need to be glued 

    onto your scalp. This means three things:

  1. You have to shave off your natural hair to apply the glue directly onto your scalp as you cannot put the glue onto your natural hair.
  2. Glue is made up of synthetic chemicals and they could burn or irritate your scalp.
  3. Last, but not least, the glue might shift around while you are out and then your wig moves around. When you look again your entire wig could be skew on your head. How embarrassing.

  •  V part wigs are great for beginners 

    V part wigs use combs to attach the wig to your braids, weaves, or 

    natural hair. This makes it easy to do for newbies. All they have to do 

    is take out their natural hair in the shape of the V opening, once they 

    have affixed the V shaped wig with the combs, they pull their natural 

    hair through and comb it so that it blends with the hair from the wig.


    After wearing a V part wig for some time, they will get used to wearing 

    a wig and make the decision to go for a full head wig or rather to grow 

    out and care for their natural hair using herbal oils and vitamins and 

    nutrients that make your hair grow such as vitamin C, D, Zinc and 

    Biotin. Stimulating your scalp by massaging jojoba or argon oil into 

    the scalp where the roots of the hair are attached also makes hair  


  • Cheaper

   V part wigs are more affordable than lace frontal wigs and especially

   full lace wigs. With a V part wig, you can get the same effect and 

   natural full head of hair look as with any other wig. A V part wig is also 

   sometimes more affordable than having a full head weave done at a 

   professional salon, and the added benefit is you can take it of and put 

   it back on in the comfort of your own home.


V part wigs are excellent for any season. In winter you can wear a beanie and let tufts of your natural hair show. But summer is the best season for the V part wig. As the weather gets hotter you will appreciate the natural air flowing through the open V section. Your scalp will be able to breathe naturally as there is not a lace or silicon cap covering your scalp.

V part wigs are so easy and convenient to put on and they give you the look of your own natural luscious hair, the envy of every passerby!

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