5 Things to Know When You Lose Your Car Keys


Losing your car keys can be annoying and bothersome, especially when you’re in a hurry. In the past, misplacing or losing your keys is not a big deal. You can simply ask your mom or brother to bring you the spare. It was also easy to have your keys replaced then.

Today, cars have evolved into more technologically advanced mechanisms. When you lose your key, the only way to resolve it is to contact your car service provider or a trusted locksmith. When you opt to have your keys replaced, there are some things that you need to know. Before we discuss these details, here are the steps that you should follow when you lose your car keys.

How to Deal with Lost Car Keys

  1. Stay Calm: I understand that it can truly be frustrating to lose your car key. However, it helps if you stay calm and have a clear mind. Breathe in and out slowly several times and think about the possible places where you could have left it.
  2. Look in the Car: The first thing to check is inside your car as you may have left it in the ignition lock cylinder. If it’s not there, remain calm and think of the places you’ve been to.
  3. Trace Your Steps: If the key is not in your car, try going back to where you’ve been the whole day. This may seem laborious but you likely left it in any of those places. Perhaps the cafe where you had a slice of chocolate cake or at the grocery store buying your toiletries. Remember to trace back your steps thoroughly.
  4. Gather Vehicle Details: If you were not able to locate your keys, it’s time to gather and prepare the necessary information needed for the replacement of your car key. At this time consider calling your car insurance company to verify if the situation is covered by the policy. If it is, ask them if they have a partner Locksmith Brisbane they can refer you to. 
  5. Get a Replacement: If your insurance has referred you to a locksmith, it may be best to work with them. If there is none, find a reliable and trustworthy locksmith to make a replacement.
  6. Consider Getting a Spare: After getting a replacement, it may be a good time to consider getting a spare. That way, if such an incident will happen again, it will be less cumbersome.

Now that you know how you can deal with lost car keys, let’s see the vehicle details that you should know to get a replacement.

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5 Things to Know When You Lose Your Car Keys

  1. Vehicle Year, Make and Model

When you lose your car keys, the vehicle year, make and model are very important details that you should know. The vehicle make is the brand while the model is the car or the product range. The year is when the vehicle was produced.

An example of this is the 2018 Honda Civic where the maker or brand Honda was manufactured and launched in 2018 and the product is Civic. Civic is under the product range of sedans.

2. Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration is the compulsory licensing of your car under government authority. It aims to establish your ownership of the vehicle. Aside from the registration plate, certification of registration is usually given to the owner of the vehicle.

If you lose your keys and cannot remember the details of your vehicle registration, you may check it online.

3. Vehicle Identification Number

The vehicle identification number or VIN is a 17-character code specifically assigned to a particular car. It serves as a unique fingerprint for vehicles. Generally, there are no 2 vehicles with the same VIN. This can be used for many purposes including the vehicle’s registration, insurance coverage, warranty claims and recalls.

4. Personal Identification

Your personal identification is also important when you want to have your lost keys replaced. This is a personal ID allocated to individuals by the state. Just like VIN, your personal identification is unique to you. It is sometimes used to validate transactions manually or electronically.

5. Your Current Location

Your current location is another piece of information that a locksmith may need to make a replacement for your lost key. Since you cannot drive your car, the locksmith will come to you after making the replacement.

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Why is it important for you to know these vehicle details?

Generally, the vehicle year, make and model can help locksmiths know what type of key needs replacement. Whether it is a traditional key, car key fob, smart key or transponder key. The latest car models also need the key to be programmed.

The VIN, car registration and your ID are important to ensure that you are the owner of the vehicle. Just imagine if a locksmith would simply make key replacements. Anyone can just claim that they lost their car key and the parked car is theirs.

So make sure that you know or at least have a copy of these details in case you lose your car keys.

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