5 tips for buying clothes online

Today almost all stores have online sales, and the web is the preferred location in most cases to start selling or opening new products. While shopping online is no secret to most people, when it comes to clothing, most people feel safe going to the store and trying on an item of clothing directly.

Choose our size

The biggest problem when buying clothes in the big air, especially if we are looking for a bigger size. Before you buy online it is important to know the size of the store, so you will know that you really choose the one that suits you best. If you shop at overseas stores, check the sizes carefully as they are not the same in all countries.

Many online stores offer you a table of measurements to compare the different sizes between countries. Some go even further and include full measurements, like a bust or waist so you have a reference.


Many stores are offering their own online shopping offers and discounts are actually for sale; for example, in women’s fashion. In order not to miss any giveaways, it is best to write to the newsletter to stay informed and buy at the right time.

Save shipping costs

The comfort of getting a delivery man to deliver our order at our door is often expensive. If you took the opportunity to make a big purchase, shipping may be free; But if you only bought one garment and it was less expensive, you could end up paying more than five euros in shipping costs. What makes buying a non-profit.

Payment Method

We only need to shop in stores with payment methods that are safe and tailored to your interests. If you are not sure about using your card, you can get a prepaid card or choose pages with Paypal or similar among their payment methods. No one wants to end up being robbed of banks or clothing that does not belong to you.

Restore status

Before you buy, you should check if the store allows return and under what conditions. There are firms that simply change to another garment or do not return the money. You also need to consider when to make changes, in large firms which are usually monthly.

Always keep a ticket, do not throw an envelope or wrapper where the garment came from, and, importantly, do not remove the label. If you checked the condition and followed this recommendation, you will have no problem returning the button up shirts if it is not your size or not what you expected.

Go ahead and buy clothes on the air and take advantage of the discounts you can find on the net. Shopping online offers endless opportunities and facilities, including the opportunity to do it 24 hours a day without leaving home!


Go ahead and invest in high-quality clothing — this doesn’t mean it’s expensive-, it lasts over time. It is important to take advantage of seasonal discounts, TALKS, and stores. At BrandsShop we have the best European brands with a long history, affordable prices for you, and special discounts on our website.


The most important thing when choosing sleeved shirts and clothes and accessories is that the size is right because you have to choose based on the image and description of the product.

Sometimes, the consumer does not treat equally well between Europe and American sizes in pants, dresses, underwear, and shoes, so we recommend having a table with international standards and available measurements.


If you fail in the second step, you can always ask for a refund, but you have to follow the conditions used by the company. Similarly, in an online store you can find information about shipping at the bottom of the portal. In the case of the Brands Shop, just for our launch, free shipping to all of Venezuela.

Sometimes, the consumer does not treat equally well between Europe and America size in pants, dresses, underwear and shoes, so we recommend having a table with international standards and available measurements.


Shipping-selling is also an important step in the process, so you can help other future customers to choose the best option if you check out the product. Is the size accurate? Did the order come out well? What did you like most about the shirt?

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