5 Tips to Identify Whether a Designer Handbag Is Original

For most of the history of designer handbags, knockoffs have existed and tried to get away with it. However, the quality and workmanship of these types of fakes differs somewhat, even slightly, from the original. Therefore, many imitation manufacturers sell at a lower price than the original, but constitute a scam to consumers. When buying a good brand bag, be sure to identify whether it is original. You can find them in different types of shops, and if you don’t have the right weapon, you can easily get scammed without knowing it. But don’t worry, it’s actually quite easy to tell a real bag from a fake one. Based on years of experience, Michin.Mu summed up 5 tips for identifying original designer handbags. Heed these tips so you don’t get scammed when it comes to buying authentic branded bags.

Note the seams

Quality is the main difference between a fake and an original branded bag. This may seem like a subjective criterion, but we’ll demonstrate how to verify it. Check the inside of the bag first, checking the seams that connect the different parts. Genuine bags are carefully crafted with double stitching and closed cuffs to prevent fraying. Many have discovered that this is the trick to distinguishing the real thing from the fake. The interior decoration of counterfeit products is defective and belongs to the low-grade or middle-low grade. For example, the original Louis Vuitton, Gucci represents a very different and higher level in terms of quality.


Counterfeit product manufacturers have made great strides in imitating logos, there is no doubt about it. They use shapes that more or less reproduce the logotype. However, when it comes to practical application, it is easy to distinguish. For a haute couture house, every style is special, a work of art. However, for counterfeiters, these are fake bags that they chain-manufacture without paying attention to detail. This resulted in their logos having unremoved threads, rough bag zipper seams, poor quality metal, and other related issues. Carolina Herrera knockoff bags usually include a C and an H, and are made of sheet metal with light gold paint. Compared with the authentic one, it is an inferior material that gradually loses its golden appearance.

Additional accessories

Original products often include additional accessories and custom items. For example, we talked about the chain that hangs the bag over the shoulder. They also sometimes include matching pouches, tassels and other details that show the brand cares about its customers. In counterfeit products, you won’t see any of these extra elements. Manufacturers only seek to make a model that looks like the original from a distance. However, it does not include accessories and gifts that come with any official product.

Fabric Quality

It is one of the oldest forms of identifying counterfeit clothing or accessories. Counterfeit luxury bags are similar in design, trying to give the same impression and copy patterns or colors. However, the difference in price between one and the other is also in the quality of the fabric. The difference is profound and can sometimes be verified by the touch itself. Counterfeit products use inferior fabrics to save costs. The stamping and patterns they use contain inaccuracies that customers can detect. However, if you are interested in a product, I recommend that you do your own research and look at the pictures. You can compare these photos to products you suspect may be counterfeit.

Check Label

It is increasingly common for manufacturers to introduce different elements in order to deceive consumers into thinking they are the authentic seller. One of the fundamental elements in detecting branded counterfeit products is the certification label. Probably many people would think that today’s technology has successfully reproduced many types of labels, so this is not so important anymore. However, contrary to what you might think, many fashion brands incorporate different elements into their labels that only they know how to do. They may appear to be puzzling items that counterfeiters overlook. For example, a barcode, QR code or some identification number of the related product. These manufacturers put different platforms in the hands of consumers where they can check them out. Sometimes simply scanning a product is enough. Too bad not all brands have embraced the technology. In , you can be guaranteed to buy original, authentic and high-quality bags. AULOVELY want to be part of your wardrobe. Are you willing to open the door for her?

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