5 Tips to Reduce Vacation Budget in Singapore

Everybody wants a fun holiday either in their own country or just traveling to another country such as Singapore. Enjoy the time together with friends, family, even your partner in the hotels and visiting some places. To get rid of fatigue after working hard all this time, it would be best for you to get cheap hotels in Singapore.

However, funding constraints often prevent you from taking a vacation. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying the vacation you’ve been dreaming of. You have to be smart about managing your funds as well as planning your vacation trip carefully. Well for that, here are 5 tips for a cheap vacation that you can follow.

  1. It’s All About Planning

Before you start your vacation, you should list down the plan such as where, when, with whom, and how long. If you already know the location of the vacation you are going on, you should also find out what tours are available there.

Don’t forget, you also need to adjust the budget you have. You also need to find out about lots of promo of accommodation at the targeted location. You can provide all of that with Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp, you can find the best promo and reserve many cheap hotels in Singapore to secure your budget. Don’t forget to arrange your travel plan from the first day to the last day.

  1. Avoid High Season

If you want a low-budget vacation, you should avoid high season or during the summer season when everybody is taking a vacation at the time. Because travel tickets and hotels will be more expensive than normal days.

Usually, during the holidays, tourist attractions will be so crowded. If you want to have an enjoyable vacation, you have to consider choosing the right time and date.

  1. Prepare the Affordable Accommodations

Choose accommodations that are comfortable and according to your budget. There have been many online hotel reservations in Singapore, from applications like Traveloka. There are photos of rooms, locations and addresses, reviews of people who have tried before, and the prices are already listed.

Choose lodging that is not far from the city center and close to public transportation locations this will make it easier for you to travel around. Search on several different promos and deals, find the price that suits your budget vacation and don’t forget the comfort that suits you. Don’t forget to take advantage of promotions to cut costs in the Traveloka app.

  1. Find and Choose the Best Promos

Don’t forget to take advantage of ticket promos and travel fairs. Travel ticket prices can be much cheaper, so you can allocate expenses for travel tickets to other parts.

There’s nothing wrong with buying tickets a year before your vacation trip because usually, the tickets will be cheaper. And luckily for you, you still have plenty of time to find tourist and culinary locations at your destination.

  1. Use Public Transportation

Take advantage of public transportation such as trains, buses, or other public transportation available at these locations. Because you are on a low-budget vacation, as much as possible you have to avoid using taxis because the prices offered will be more expensive than trains or buses.

Previously, you first find out what routes and transportation you should use to get to your destination as much as possible to make it easier for you during your low-budget vacation trip.

Those are some tips for you to get a low-budget vacation. If indeed traveling is your hobby, budget planning must be correct so that your hobby is channeled and can still travel to the destination of your dreams. For that, you need to save and set aside your money to invest. You can also check the Traveloka app for the best promos and deals.

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