6 Best-performing Crypto Exchanges in Terms of Trading Volume

Due to promising results shown bydigital assets, more and more investors are wanting to get into crypto trading. There are hundreds of crypto exchanges and only a few of them make 80 percent of the total trading volume of the entire crypto market. These exchanges experience billion-dollar worth of trading volume on a daily basis due to some specific features. These features include deep liquidity, interactive UI, quality customer support, faster transactions, and advanced security.

Here is a list of top crypto exchanges that have pumped up a great share of the crypto market. This list shall help you choose the most suited and reliable crypto exchange for your trading endeavors.

Crypto Exchanges

Coinbase is One of the Best Crypto Exchanges 

There is no doubt that Coinbase is one of the best crypto exchanges to date, it has stayed as a long-time favorite among crypto traders for many reasons. One of these main reasons is a wide range of coin support. Users can buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other 50 crypto assets directly with USD. Users are also provided with various opportunities to earn rewards and passive income. Moreover, the UI of this exchange is extremely easy to use, making the process of selling, buying, and trading quite easy. TradeFX Nigeria Another feature that gives an edge over other crypto coin exchanges is its strong security and transparent pricing.

The transaction process on this exchange is quite fast despite the high trading volume. Aside from strong security aspects and a transparent fee structure, this trading platform also offers multiple investment options for both institutional and individual clients. You can stake crypto assets and earn monthly and yearly interest. Moreover, Coinbase earns account specifications and pays users for viewing educational videos.


Binance is a Malta-based exchange established by a Chinese national in 2017. Since its development, it has adapted according to the gradually changing crypto environment. It is now recognized as one of the best crypto exchanges for offering innovative trading products, financial tools, and services. This is a one-stop exchange offering spot and futures trading options while only charging 0.1% on trades. Binance also provides staking options  And has an interest rate that ranges from 0.5% to 10%.

Binance also is one of the best exchanges for crypto trading, as the platform implements high-end security protocols such as biometric login, 2-factor authentication, and storage wallet.


Gemini is another biggest crypto exchange with a modular focus on security and transparency. Gemini is widely regarded for delivering positive results and high-end security measures. The platform also has an easy-to-use UI that allows users with various experience levels to trade easily. Moreover, Gemini is one of the only exchanges that offer FDIC-protection on USD deposits.


In 2018, Robinhood entered the crypto market and since then it has developed into the best crypto exchange. Presently, Robinhood offers support to 7 main crypto assets. Additionally, the platform possesses a good reputation for its user-centric mobile app interface which caters to both advanced and new traders alike. The exchange has a transparent and cost-cautious fees structure.


Aside from its overall convenience, Robinhood also has decent security measures that further enrich and stabilize the trading experience especially for those worried about data privacy issues.


Kraken is one of the leading trading platforms globally. It is famous among the community of traders for its wide selection of supported crypto assets. The exchange caters to both retail and institutional traders. The exchange has prompt customer support that offers around-the-clock support. This is how the company has retained a huge number of prospective users that add value to a great share of the trading volume. The exchange also possesses informational material that helps users to navigate their crypto trading journey and optimize their trades.


After topping the European market, eToro has now started to offer trading services in the United States. The exchange provides a wide range of trading options, from selling and buying crypto assets to practice accounts before dipping real assets into user accounts.

As a crypto coin exchange, eToro offers support to crypto coins including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and XLM. Additionally, the exchange also houses some of the best security measures to safeguard user funds against any criminal or fraudulent activity.


Concluding it all, with many crypto exchanges topping the crypto market, choosing the best-suited exchange can be a difficult task. All the above-mentioned platforms are credible and contribute a great deal in the crypto market. However, if you are new to crypto trading, you must acquire some background knowledge before dipping real funds in crypto trading.

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