6 Gifts for the Jewelry Fanatic Who Has Everything

You want to buy a gift for your friend who loves jewelry, but you feel like they already have everything. Everything seems too repetitive to you. They have something for every occasion, season and event it seems. It’s a valid feeling to have, too. The average American spends a little over $60 a year on jewelry for themselves. Even though it might feel like they have everything, you’d be surprised at some of the gifts you can give to jewelry fanatics. Here are the best gifts for a jewelry lover you think has everything they need! 

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Get Everything Personalized. First things first — before deciding what to get, figure out how it’ll be different from anything they currently own. The answer? Personalization! Personalized gifts are unique, and they make the person you’re giving the gift to feel so much more appreciated and loved. You took the time to figure out how this gift could mean something personal and more than just an item to them. They will love that! Engraved jewelry really goes a long way to making someone feel special, no matter the message or piece of jewelry. 

Personalization doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some of the ways you can personalize someone’s jewelry.

  • Monogram. A monogram is a person’s initials, usually arranged in first-last-middle order, with their last initial being the biggest letter. This has to do with traditional family ideals that a person’s last name told society everything they needed to know about them. When families were large and had crests or other symbols to define them, a person’s monogram often showed wealth and prestige. Today, you can find monograms on just about anything! On jewelry, it really makes the entire piece unique, which is great for tracking valuables in the event they get lost or stolen.
  • Initial. Different from a monogram, an initial can easily just be one letter or two. While monograms are usually arranged in a circular shape or feature three letters with the middle being slightly larger than the others, a simple initial can feel more common but might actually be easier to find than a monogrammed piece. You can frequently find stud earrings featuring just one letter — perfect if you want to give someone something that’s personalized without worrying that you’re putting something down they won’t like.

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  • Location. Do they have somewhere important to them? A first date, their hometown or even their college? Location can serve as a great way to personalize someone’s jewelry. Many couples get the coordinates for their first date or wedding venue engraved on their wedding bands.


Gifts for Jewelry Fanatics

Here are some gifts you can give a jewelry fanatic that won’t feel like you’re giving them something they already own! 

  • A ring box. Ring boxes are great because they help to keep rings clean and free of dirt or debris. Depending on the type of ring, it might not be a good idea for it to be in contact with other metals. Instead, a cushioned ring box is a great way for them to access their rings easily and without needing to hunt for the specific ring they’re looking to wear that day. Some rings eventually become keepsake items instead of everyday wear, such as class rings. These can be safely tucked away in a ring box instead of out with all the other everyday rings. Have it embossed with their monogram for a personalized touch! 
  • A large jewelry box. Jewelry boxes are a great gift to give a jewelry fanatic. They need somewhere to store all their jewelry! Consider giving them a large personalized jewelry box so they can store all their pieces safely. No matter how many pieces they own, a personalized jewelry box will help to keep their pieces organized and safe. They sit well on a dresser or even locked away in a safe. Either way, they’ll be so glad you thought of a way for them to store their pieces when not wearing them. 


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  • A ring tray. For everyday jewelry, such as wedding bands or engagement rings, a ring tray is the perfect gift to give. They can place it by their bedside or in their bathroom to use when washing their hands and needing to remove their rings. Ring trays come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re typically small so that you don’t put too many things in it. Your jewelry fanatic will love having a ring tray to use!
  • A travel case. If they like to travel often and are constantly taking jewelry with them, then a travel case is the perfect gift for them. They can easily store all their jewelry for each trip in a square case. It fits great in carry-on and checked luggage. No matter where they’re going or when, they can safely transport their jewelry without worrying about it getting lost or stolen. Most people would probably think it’s just another toiletry bag!
  • A charm bracelet. Charm bracelets are great gifts because they’re fully customizable. With a simple chain, they can add and remove charms as they see fit. You can give them different charms each year as a way for them to rotate out their selection or make it a truly unique piece of jewelry. While they might have other charm bracelets, no two are alike, and many people have tennis bracelets for different things — sports, loved ones, schools and even fun activities, such as going to the beach or shopping. If you’re looking for the perfect personalized jewelry for her, then look no further than a charm bracelet! 
  • A bottle of jewelry cleaning solution. Jewelry is only as good as the solution it’s cleaned in. Give them a bottle of jewelry cleaning solution they can use to make all their jewelry pieces sparkle! They should clean their jewelry every month so that it stays in pristine condition for years to come. Otherwise, it can cause buildup of dust, dirt and harmful debris. 


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