6 Overrated Tamil Movies That You Must Avoid

Just as there are some Tamil movies out there that are underrated because they get much less recognition than they really deserve, similarly there are plenty of films that get famous and become nominated for various awards despite being mediocre and dull.

You can search any Tamil movies platform like Tamil movies da and see for yourself that there are some mainstream films that are quite famous but they don’t feel interesting to a regular movie enthusiast for things like poor casting, repetitive plots, mediocre acting, or execution, etc.

In the following section, we will take you through some of the main Tamil overrated films that you should stay away from if you consider your time to be of some value.

  • Premam

The reason we have put this film here is its years old plot with familiar dialogues Though the acting was satisfactory and dialogues were well-written, the directors failed to execute it most accurately.

The film is a love story that spans the life of a guy named George who believes loves is the answer for everything and gets disappointed and heartbroken. Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

This coming-of-age film targets a special kind of audience and cannot be considered as some classic.

  • Baahubali: The Dulology

The film, no doubt, has a great story and the historical settings we carefully designed and not to mention the brilliant casting.

The only thing that makes this film overrated is that although people seem to believe the action in the movie was well executed but we all know that it is not entirely true. The film had many frames where you could straight-up spot that they were poorly CGI’d which made it less effective.

  • Theri

This is another typical revenge-based film that has cool action but the dialogues seem pretentious and flat. The story is about an honest police officer trying to get revenge for the murder of his family from the shadows while protecting his daughter from harm.

Its mediocre writing makes it hard to have a real impact on the viewers who want to get something other than action and fighting from the film.

  • Sarkar

This is another overrated film that seems to have a plot that is far from the realm of reality and we are not talking about the fantasy or sci-fi genre here. It is just a regular political dispute between businessmen and corrupt politicians.

Although the film has a talented and brilliant cast and a well-written script the story is so far-fetched that you lose interest in the plot soon and turn your focus more towards the action and visuals.

  • Chandramukhi

Talking about far-fetched plots, here is another film that falls in this category. A woman in spirit form returns from the heavens in search of a magical leaf but instead comes across a boy and the plot turns into a romantic story.

The movie has a great cast but there is no clear message and the plot seems all over the place. The movie is available on kimcartoons and you are free to give it a go if you prefer a film with a sloppy plot and mediocre visuals.

  • Singam 2

This film is the sequel to the Singam which ended with the protagonist going for an undercover operation to take down evil guys. The movie has the same old love triangle story with a pinch of unnecessary action and shallow dialogues.

All in all, the movie is about another good cop vs the bad guy and the action we get to see is just average and not worth your time.

Despite being highly appreciated and loved the real movie lovers seem to dislike it for plenty of plot holes and directional mistakes.

Final Words

We hope you find this information useful and keep away from these films to avoid wasting your precious time and energy. You can use that same time to watch some really good and critically acclaimed films.

So next time if someone tries to force you into watching a film from the above list you will know what to do. We wish you the very best and urge you to stay with us for more such useful info. 

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