6 Reasons You Should Create Corporate Videos

Studies show that 54% of people would like to see more videos from the brands they support. 

However, many businesses don’t rely on video. Their website is mostly text and a few images, deciding this can get the point across.

Maybe it can! The truth is, however, adding videos can do a lot for your organization and they’re huge in marketing.

Read on to find the reasons you should be creating more corporate videos. 

  1. People Remember More

People actually remember more when the information is delivered via video. Viewers say they remember 95% of a message when they watch it in a video.

This is far more than people normally remember when reading text!

Since you want people to remember everything about your product or service, videos can be a real asset in helping you get that information across. 

  1. It’s More Shareable

People are more likely to share videos because they’re more engaging and look better than plain text. 

Although organic traffic is a great way to draw people to your business, social media and word of mouth still have huge value too. By making videos, word of your business will reach more people. 

  1. You’ll Rank Better

Part of how Google decides how highly you rank is how long someone stays on your page.

People are likely to skim text and click off quickly. However, if you have a video on the page, they can sit and watch it — meaning they’ll stay on the page longer.

This is all great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

  1. They’re Mobile-Friendly

Mainly times, website designs aren’t too mobile-friendly and it can make reading the text hard. Sometimes the background is different on mobile or the text width is too small and narrow, making for a frustrating browsing experience.

Videos are generally friendly across any platform, so this is a surefire way to keep your information accessible.

By reading a quick guide on corporate video production, you have information more easily available!

  1. Testimonials Seem More Trustworthy

Another great reason to have company videos is that you can make testimonials seem more trustworthy. Often, testimonials are written on the site and people might speculate that they’re falsified.

By having customers in your video, people can see that others have benefited and truly love your product. That way, they’re more likely to believe the testimonials. 

  1. You Can Demonstrate the Product

Another great thing about a business video is that you can actually demonstrate the product you’re selling.

If there’s a slight learning curve to using it, this is even better, as it might prevent some issues with using it. People can refer back to the video to learn. 

If it’s a service you’re selling, you can showcase the end result! 

Corporate Videos Make a Difference

Corporate videos will make a huge difference to the way consumers take in your information. They’ll remember it more, are more likely to share it and therefore, you should see an increase in sales.

Once you’ve started delivering information via video, you might never go back!

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