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6 Smart Temporary Office Space Solutions (At and Outside of the Home)

With so many people working from home nowadays, it’s important to know not only how to set up a temporary office space, but also what it can do for you, your work, and your body in the process.

It can be easy to just bring your work computer home, set it up at the kitchen table, and call it a day, but taking advantage of the things around is going to help you stay productive.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about setting up a temporary office in your home.

1. Have a Separate Space

This might be the hard part, but finding a quiet place to work during the day is pretty essential for your success.

It can be a spot on your dining room table, a chair at the bar in your kitchen, or an entire space in your home. If you have an entire room you can separate, that’s ideal, but any quiet area will do.

Having a space that’s only for you to work at is a great way to practice separation throughout your workday.

If you’re working in your bed all day, it can be hard to relax or shut off completely at the end of the day since you’ve been in the same spot. However, if you can walk down to the dining room table for the day, and then back up to your bed at night, then it’s going to be easier to relax fully.

Setting up a mobile office in your backyard is also a great option.

2. Create a Desk Setup

Now, you might not have access to the perfect desk (or the one that was in your office at work), but having a space that’s set up ergonomically is important for you and your well-being.

Not only are ergonomics going to keep you from getting injured, but they’re also going to help you remain engaged and productive throughout the workday.

This makes setting up a desk space that much more important. While getting a standing desk, comfortable chair, and all the necessary peripherals is ideal, you may also have to do with what you have.

Having a flat surface and a chair that you can sit up straight in is really what matters. If you work on a laptop, buying a stand that lets it sit at eye level is a great idea, and so is a separate keyboard and mouse.

Your arms should be sitting at 90-degrees as you type, and you shouldn’t have to bend your neck or look up to be able to see your screen.

3. Get Everything You Need First

Once you have a dedicated area to work in, your next step is establishing a routine. It definitely doesn’t have to look the same every day, but it should include gathering everything you need for work before you sit down for the day.

That means making coffee, getting water, putting on your slippers, changing your clothes, grabbing your planner, and any other essentials, and getting yourself organized before your day starts.

This is going to help you stay more organized throughout the day, and it’s also going to keep you from feeling scattered all the time.

Working from home can be distracting enough, so giving yourself 20 minutes to collect your things and your thoughts in the mornings can be a big help.

4. Storage Is Essential

If you have paper files or other knick-knacks, having storage for it all can be a big help. The good thing about being at home, though, is that you’re not limited to one filing cabinet or a metal set of shelves.

Since you’re home, you can opt for nicer pieces that complement your home well while also ensuring your space is organized.

Many department stores or even thrift stores have options available for storage. If you’re feeling crafty, you can always opt for a storage unit that needs a little TLC.

No matter what you choose, it’s important to have a space for your items to have a space separate from everything else.

5. Greenery Is Also Great

Not only can plants help purify the air in your office space, but they can help you stay focused for longer. Even a fake plant can make all the difference if you’re stuck in a plain space.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Travel

Finally, don’t be afraid to move around while you work. While leaving your house for the day is ideal, you can simply get up and go to a different part of your home for a few hours at a time if you work from a laptop.

Changing up the scenery you’re in all day is the perfect way to not get bored and burnt out when you’re working from home.

The best choice, though, is to find a cafe that you can grab a coffee and work safely in — even if it’s only for a few hours one day of the week. Being in your home all the time can get tedious, so switching your scenery every once in a while is ideal.

What Are You Going to do With Your Temporary Office Space?

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about setting up a temporary office space, it’s time to get started. The biggest thing to remember, though, is that it’s your space. Choose items that mean a lot to you, and that will help you focus throughout the day.

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