Padel is a unique sport that combines action with social interaction and fun. Since the sport is dominated by serve, the strength of technique (like in tennis), padel is ideal for players of all ages and skills. Men, women, and youth can compete together with ease and have fun. Padel is a combination of squash and tennis. The sport is played in doubles on an enclosed court that’s surrounded by walls of metallic mesh and glass. The Padel court is 1/3 in size compared to a standard tennis court. Do you know how you score points? It is not complicated. The padel ball can bounce off any of the court walls, but it should only hit the grid or turf once before being returned). If the ball bounces twice in a competitors’ field, they give away points.

Padel is one of the fastest-growing sports in Europe and globally. The sport is easy to play, fun and sociable. Are you looking for discounts and deals on padel rackets take a look at racchette padel scontate. Currently, padel is officially recognized as a form/type of tennis. Here are 6 things you didn’t know about padel:

  1. The sport was invented in Mexico around the 1960s
    Even though there was a similar sport played in New York, Washington, and British Cruise ships in the early 1910s, it was in 1969 when padel was created. Enrique Corcuera (Mexican businessman) was the first person to set up a padel court at his vacation home in Acapulco. That was where padel was invented, and it has become popular over the years.
  2. Played in doubles
    The courts are designed for 4 players, and they are approximately 25% smaller than a tennis court. Since the courts are smaller in size, the game’s speed makes it hard for singles to play. Therefore, padel is played in doubles. It is possible to come across padel courts designed for singles, but about 90% of padel courts worldwide are doubles specific. Only doubles are featured at a professional level, i.e., World Padel Tour.

III. Padel and tennis rules are similar
Since padel is a form of tennis, their rules are similar, with the only exception being you serve underarm in padel. Tennis and padel have differences; for example, padel courts have walls while tennis courts do not. However, you score in padel the way you do in tennis. You should familiarize yourself with some differences when it comes to padel and tennis. In padel, when a ball is served, it should bounce once on the floor and then hit at waist height or from below. Also, when serving, the players have 2 attempts to hit the ball into the opponent’s box. In padel, a team wins a set if they win 6 games and there is a 2 games difference (at least). If a set can’t be decided using the sets played, a tie break is used. Remember, all matches are best of 3 sets.

  1. Padel is the 2nd most popular sport in Spain
    Football is the most popular sport in Spain, but padel comes in second! With an estimated 4 million active players and 20,000 courts, padel has become popular, and many people are loving the sport.
  2. Padel games are smaller in size
    If you are not keen, you can assume that padel and tennis balls are identical, but that’s not the case. Padel balls are slightly smaller and have less pressure to prevent them from bouncing as much as tennis balls. It is essential to note that padel is played with bats and not rackets. The bats are stringless and shorter compared to tennis rackets.
  3. Padel isn’t an Olympic sport
    Currently, padel is not an Olympic sport even though it has grown in popularity. There have been requests and calls to make padel an Olympic sport, but that hasn’t happened (yet). To qualify as an Olympic sport, a sport should be played in at least 75 countries. Padel is played in only 5 countries worldwide.

What You Should Know About Padel
Padel is a simple sport that doesn’t require multiple accessories to play. Typically, padel requires two bats, a ball, and a partner. The padel bats are made from composite material, and their playing surface has small holes. Therefore, the strokes are dynamic and less powerful, unlike in tennis.
Padel bats are available in three different shapes; drop-shaped, diamond-shaped, and round. The round-shaped bat is considered an excellent choice because it offers the best control and is suitable for most players.

Padel Rules
When playing padel, you score points if:
• Your opponent hits the ball into the net
• The ball bounces on the opponents’ side twice
• Your opponents’ ball hits outside the play area (this can be against one of your walls or outside the cage)
• Your opponent hits the ball into their own side/grid
• The ball hits an opponent

Final Words
Padel is a fast-growing racket sport that anyone can play. The rules are straightforward. If you want to learn how to play padel tennis, it can take about an hour, and you will be up to speed. Please click here to visit a website that offers numerous information about padel tennis. Padel Tennis Hub is an ideal website that can help you learn more about padel tennis to help you get started or finesse your padel playing skills.

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