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6 Useful Gifts for the Artist In Your Life

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and for the inspired artist in your life, there is so much beauty to behold! So what would you possibly get an artist that can be unique to them?  How about something that will help them to leave their mark on the canvas as much as it will help you leave a mark in their heart? 

Even if the only aspiring artist in your life right now still rides the bus to school each morning, there are still amazing arts and crafts gifts to surprise them with as an incentive to keep developing their talent. Regardless of their age, here are six useful gifts for the artist in your life.

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A Sketchbook for Anytime Inspiration Strikes

Ideas for art can come spontaneously, seemingly from nowhere and without any warning whatsoever. When struck with this burst of inspiration, you never want to be too far from your tools to capture the thought, so ensure that the art lover in your life is set up for this! They likely have a master sketchbook already, but trust us when we say that as an artist, you can NEVER have too many especially for those moments of spontaneous inspiration! So whether you aim for a sketchpad that’s small and easily pocketed or you hunt for the perfect sketchbook to showcase their style and accent their desk, there are no wrong answers here! 

Having an easily accessible pad around at all times will allow them to capture their ideas, share them in style, showcase their personality inside and outside of the book, keep them sharpening their skills, encourage them to continue documenting their progress and inspire them along their artistic journey every time they look at their book and remember that it was a special selection just for them. 

An ‘Anywhere Works’ Supply Case

An artist is an artist wherever they go, whether they’re reclusive behind their basement walls creating a beautiful mess with an acrylic pour or they’ve set up shop in a kiosk or booth and started selling immaculate sketches. The art is inevitable no matter where they are or what they’re doing, so give them the ability to comfortably indulge in the inspiration wherever they are! While pencil and paintbrush cases that keep their supplies safe, organized and perfectly in place are great, they can be amplified when it comes to excitement and improved when it comes to efficiency. Consider options like easel-style cases to achieve this! Likewise, options like tiny watercolor travel tins exist for the painter in your life and should be embraced over regular sets every time! 

When it comes to the most interesting and appreciated art supply gifts, we rank unique supply storage high and recommend it right away. Even if you can’t get your hands on an “anywhere works” type of case, at least consider a special style or significant design! 

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Apparel with Artist Pride

Give your favorite artist a bit of inspiration, a reminder to have a little fun, the opportunity to showcase their creative personality and the ability to break the ice with like-minded artists by gifting them art-inspired apparel. Even something as simple as a few amazing pairs of art-themed socks will be significant to them, so don’t overthink this one! Not only will they be significant, but these colorful pieces of foot fabric that feature history’s most renowned paintings — from Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to Edvard Munch’s The Scream — may even stand out and be MORE significant to them than the classic paintings themselves. 

Socks in particular make for a great gift no matter what the occasion or what your relationship, but are especially great for the artist in your life who always has cold feet and needs help to stay cozy in their artist cave!

A Blank Canvas Cell Phone Case

Even if the artist in your life doesn’t bring their supplies on the go or express their artistry through a standout style, it’s safe to assume that they’re not trying to hide it! In fact, even if they’re subtle about it, most creatives crave like-minded souls so help them connect to some!  If nothing else, a constant in their life is likely their cell phone always being conveniently close by. If this is the case for them, consider a quality case for their phone in a solid color with paint pens (or a similar medium that will stick to the case) in complementary colors. This will make for an exciting gift as much as it will encourage the ever-giving gift of connection, which is guaranteed to be adored by your favorite artist, and so are you! They’ll know that you admire them as an artist enough to encourage adding their art to their public aesthetic and, as a result, will also help them to embrace their wonderful abilities as well. 

This is a gift that can be molded to different mediums as well, so no matter what your artist indulges in, there should be an option that exists! For instance, does the art-lover in your life like to work with wood? Consider a wood (or faux wood) case with a small cell phone-scale wood burning set! No matter their skills or styles, options exist and are endless! 

An Unlikely Light Board/Box

Sometimes, a simple project where you have to trace someone else’s work or a specific photo can unlock and even enhance an artist’s skills that inherently lie just beneath the surface. Sometimes, an artist needs to revise their work and would prefer to transfer their piece onto a new sheet for experimenting. Sometimes an artist creates something so amazing that they begin recreating or mass producing copies, and sometimes there is no reason at all to use their light table, board or box but they do anyway because it’s fun and sure to spark some inspiration! Along with the unrivaled usefulness and fun that it provides, a light box will be an unexpected gift that takes them by surprise and gets them excited!

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Something Curated Just for the Creatives

All your favorite artist really needs to be great is the right amount of encouragement and a little bit of inspiration! With that in mind, your efforts — as far as finding them the perfect gift goes — will do a lot more than encourage and inspire. The decision shouldn’t be what to get, but instead, what to get for this round of gift giving! If you feel like they need a bigger boost of skill building, confidence, encouragement or inspiration, consider creative curated gift boxes for the artist in your life! These can be filled with things from delectable supplies and snacks to desk accessories and essential art setup items, but anything that adds to the encouraging environment or embraces an art theme should be adored!

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