6 Vape Juice Flavours That Are Exploding In Popularity

Vaping has become a popular hobby for many people. It’s a great way to enjoy the benefits of smoking without all the negatives. Many people have found that vaping is a more natural and healthier alternative to smoking.

Vape juice is the liquid that you put into your e-cigarette or vaporizer. It’s used to provide nicotine and other chemicals to users, as well as flavour and aroma. 

Vape juice UK is available in all sorts of flavours and varieties, from fruits to chocolate and everything in between. Here are 6 vape juice flavours that are exploding in popularity:

1. Blueberry Cool

Blueberry Cool is a blue raspberry vape juice that’s one of the most popular flavours. This vape juice has a cool inhale and exhale, with a sweet blueberry flavour. Blueberry Cool is a delicious blend of sweet and sour, which makes it one of the best dessert e-liquids on the market. It’s also a great all day vape.

2. Blueberry Raspberry Fizz

Blueberry Raspberry Fizz is a delicious combination of blueberries and raspberries that will make you feel like you’re drinking a blueberry soda. This flavour is so popular that it can be found in almost every vape shop in the country. It’s a great choice for those who love fruit flavours, but it also works well as an all-day vape if you’re looking for something sweet without being too overpowering.

3. Sour Green Apple

Sour Green Apple is a great flavour for anyone who enjoys the taste of fresh green apples. It has a mild sourness to it that adds a unique twist to your standard apple e-liquid. This flavour is also great for anyone looking for a sweet and sour combination.

4. Strawberry Sweet

Strawberries are sweet and juicy, so it’s no surprise that this vape juice flavour is gaining popularity. Whether you’re looking for a traditional strawberry vape or something more on the sour side, there are plenty of options out there.

5. Sweet Mint

Sweet mint is another great flavour that has exploded in popularity. This flavour is the perfect combination of sweet and minty. The flavour profile of Sweet Mint is pretty simple and it tastes exactly how it sounds. This juice has a very refreshing taste to it, which makes it great for anyone who enjoys vaping during the summer months.

6. Watermelon Ice

Watermelon Ice is a unique blend of watermelon and menthol, creating a cool and refreshing summertime vape experience. The combination of these two flavours creates an interesting balance between sweet and cool. This is one of those juices that will keep you coming back for more.

The Final Word

If you’re a vaper, you probably know that there are tons of vape juice flavours out there. But have you ever wondered which ones are the most popular?

Well, it turns out that some vapers are obsessed with certain flavours and they can’t seem to get enough of them. In fact, these particular juices are so popular that they have become almost mainstream in the vape community.

If you’re a newbie to the vaping world or a veteran looking to diversify their tastes and are looking for a vape juice in the UK to start with, you should consider any of the options listed above as a starting point.

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