7 Things To Keep In Mind For Women Before Buying A Sports Bra

Sports Bra is an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. And why wouldn’t it be?! It keeps you comfortable, supported, confident, and makes your movement braver. If you workout regularly, the design and fit of your sports bra could make or break your efficiency. So, consider your needs, research curiously and choose wisely. Below are 7 things to keep in mind for women before buying a Sports Bra.

1. Bra Basics!

    • For Cup Sizes A, B, and an occasional C:
      Compression sports bras work beautifully for smaller bust sizes. They compress your breasts by pressing them against your body to hold them in place. Ideal for smaller bust sizes.
    • For Cup Sizes C and Up:
      Encapsulation sports bras have independently supportive cups and offer a fuller coverage which benefits larger breasted women better. These are also great for women who need a medium to high support, regularly.

2. Colours of your Choice!

Be bold! Choose vibrant! Be shy! Choose pastels! Take your pick from a wide range of sports bras available in various colours. Comfort should not come at the cost of style and sports bras are not just for convenience and support. They are also a style statement! Let the fiery red, strong orange, calming green, silly blue, soft beige, deep maroon, bold patterns, animal prints, pastel hues, and attractive designs, of the varied sports bras, style you quietly so you do not have to worry about your outfit every time, especially when you should be focusing on your efficiency and athletic performance!

3. What’s your Athletic Vice!?

    • Low Support: Do you prefer cycling, walking, pilates, or yoga? A low support sports bra can help you feel fully supported through them.
    • Medium Support: If your vices are a bit more racey like ZUMBA, power-walking, light jogging, etc. then you will require a medium support sports bra.
    • High Support: High support sports bras will keep you at the edge of your seat just like the high impact exercises like cross-training, running, etc.

4. Moisture-Wicking Fabrics:

Sweat it out, don’t be shy! The right sports bra fabric will keep you from feeling embarrassed. So invest wisely. A moisture-wicking fabric is your best friend when you sweat and you should hold it close to your chest. This fabric is known for absorbing your sweat with tiny capillaries, and pushing the moisture to the outer layer of the fabric so it can evaporate, away from your skin. This truly protects you from embarrassing sweat patches, chafing and potential skin rashes. Move braver by donning the right materials!

5. Straps to Serve your Needs:

    • Racerback Straps: They join to create a Y at the back for you. They do not slip off of your shoulders regardless of how vigorous your exercises are. Find these in thin or thick straps, depending on how much support you need.
    • Customizable Straps: Customizable straps make your life easy as you can adjust them to change the tightness of your straps depending on the type of exercise and level of impact for the day.

6. Proper Bands to Enhance Support:

What are your needs? What is the level of support you require? A wired sports bra will provide immense support and help maintain the shape of your bust. This is perfect for medium to high impact exercises. However, there are other things to consider. Are you prone to acidity because there is a higher chance a wired band will push on your sphincter and make it worse. A non-wired band on the other hand will give you a gentler support and feel and would work effectively for a low to medium impact need. A non-wired, elastic band will split the difference between the two offering upliftment and support.

7. Measure yourself Right:

Do not wear an underwired bra or thick fabrics while taking these measurements. Preferably, do this in your private space and time so you can measure more accurately..

    • Band size: Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your rib cage right below your breasts which will give you your band size. Wrap the tape tightly enough so that both sides of the measuring tape are touching each other without pushing on your sphincter or leaving any space between the tape and your torso.
    • Bust Size: Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your breasts to find your bust size. Again, do not wrap it too right or loose; wrap it just right.
    • Cup Size: To find your cup size, subtract your band size from the bust size and find the remainder in inches. 1 inch is A, 2 inches is B, and so on and so forth. A cup size goes up with every inch.

Women’s busts are mostly made up of fat and tend to move vertically and laterally from up to an inch to two inches, depending on the cup sizes. This can create hindrance during various exercises and potentially cause pain. A good sports bra can prevent this, improving your performance so you feel more secure committing to your health!

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