7 Ways to Keep Your Hands Healthy At Home

People often think that moisturizing your hands is the only job to do, but it’s not a fact. Our hands also need a regular skincare routine as our other body skin does. We can see how much work our hands do regularly that can cause irritating skin and end up with infections and cancer. Your hands are also vulnerable to aging, and your hands’ skin is thin.

Hands are the most frequently used body part that does most of the hard work. We should not neglect hand health because you can make them soft, smooth, and healthy at home with some best tips.

Home Remedies to Keep Your Hand Clean

Let’s take a journey of 7 remedies for your clean hands.

  • Wash Your Hands Frequently

Always remember to wash your hands frequently because we touch everything and shake hands when we meet with someone. It can exchange germs from one object to another. Contaminated hands can increase the risk of infectious disease spread.

During the coronavirus pandemic, we can see how this infectious disease spreads easily. If you ever notice an instant itching and redness on your hands, you should go for online doctor help.

When you eat the food, the germs on your hands will enter your body and cause an infection. Washing your hands frequently will remove all the germs from your hands and prevent them from infections.

  • Use Nail Brush to Clean Under Nails

No matter if you wash your hands, there may be dirt and grime under your fingernails. Rinsing hands often do not remove such dirt. You need a special nail brush scrub to remove the grime and dirt under your fingernail. Experts say that you should hold the brush in a downward direction and move it along the entire nail. Now, scrub your nails back and forth to clean the dirt and debris under your fingernails.

  • Apply Hand Cream

My personal experience says that hand creams are much better than lotions because they are the long-lasting and perfect choice for extremely dry skin. When you go to the market, buy an oil-based hand cream. You can consider a lotion that contains glycerin, urea, and alpha-hydroxy acids. Such ingredients catch the moisture from the air for your skin. Cracks on the hands’ skin are caused by a lack of water. It leaves the spaces between the skin cells.

When you use the emollients on your skin, it works as a softening agent and covers the empty spaces to make your skin smoother.

  • Avoid Trimming your Cuticles on Nails

Studies reveal that cuticles protect our nails and do not let us enter any kind of infections. When you trim your cuticles, you allow the bacteria and germs to enter inside. When bacteria easily enter inside cuticles which leads to infections. It shows how important it is to not trim your cuticles. If you want to trim your cuticles for a reason, soften them by soaking your fingers in warm water.

  • Get Hand Massage Regularly

Researchers say that hand massage does not provide only healthy hands, but it affects overall health. It helps to get pain relief, increased grip strength, lift your mood, provide quality sleep, manage stress, etc.

  • Exfoliate Your Hands Weekly

Buy a hand scrub and remove the dry skin cells away weekly. It keeps your hands soft and healthy. First, you should wash your hands with lukewarm water and use a small amount of scrub for a massage. Always go in a circular motion and rinse it off with warm water. After a massage, use hand cream for smooth skin.

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  • Protect Your Hands with Sunscreen

Just like your other body skin needs sun damage protection, your hands also need such protection. You should wear sunscreen to avoid dark spots which lead to making your hands look old. You should apply sunscreen frequently after washing your hands. Wear gloves while working with tools and washing dishes to avoid dry skin.


It is not complicated to take care of your hands. Regular hand skincare can help you to fight against infectious diseases. For youthful-looking hands, always buy a quality hand care product.

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