8 Amazing Benefits of RV Storage Facilities

The sale of RVs is absolutely booming with an estimated 170% increase in sales over the past year. All those beautiful new dream RVs are hitting the road – but you may be wondering about the best way to store your RV when your road trip is over. 

RV storage facilities are the best way to go when the driving season is over and you need a break from life on the road. Of course, these storage facilities do cost money (although not as much as you might think!) so you’re probably wondering what the other benefits are. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about RV storage! 

1.No Upset Neighbors

While your beautiful RV is your home away from home it certainly can ruin your curb appeal, says Chris Coleman. Large RVs can block street parking or the view of your home.

Depending on where you live there may be rules against parking your RV in your driveway if you are part of a homeowners association. If you are in the process of purchasing an RV be sure to check your local laws and regulations to make sure you are compliant.

2.Protection From Theft

Most RVs are quite valuable and have more resale value than a regular car. This can make them a target for theft. The benefit of RV storage when trying to prevent theft is that they have good security and monitoring systems set up to make sure your home away from home stays safe and secure. 

Even when you’re on the road you shouldn’t forget about security. Luckily, they make RV security systems to keep you and your family safe from harm or theft. Check out the best systems of the year.

3.Safe From Weather 

One of the biggest concerns whether you’re currently driving or stopping for the season is the weather. No matter whether it’s hot or cold it can be damaging to your vehicle both inside and out. This is why considering indoor RV storage could be a good idea to protect from inclement weather. 

Maintaining temperature is also important for the longevity of an RV. Some RV storage facilities are temperature-controlled, although they are often more expensive so it’s important to do a cost-benefit analysis before deciding.

4.It Doesn’t Have to Be Far Away 

You might be surprised by how close by an RV storage facility might be. You won’t have to travel far in most cases to store your RV for the winter. You won’t have to think too hard about whether you want to take it out or not, you can easily take it for a weekend jaunt at any time!

5.It Can Be Reasonably Priced 

RV storage might seem like it would be very pricey, but some storage facilities start at around $75 a month! That’s not much for keeping your neighbors happy and your vehicle safe from various forms of harm. 

When you think about all the maintenance you might have to do yourself if you were parking it in your driveway (extra security, preventing damage, etc.) you might wind up saving some money. Rather than regret what could have been prevented you can be proactive and save money in the long run!

6.Storage Gives You a Chance to Inspect

Performing inspections of your vehicle probably sounds like a drag and it’s also easy to forget. By storing your vehicle you can make it a place where you do your inspections. Having a second location can often make such things easier to remember. 

Rather than rushing out the door on your trip, you can check everything over on a set schedule. Inspecting your RV storage area is also a good idea before signing up. Many storage facilities have virtual tours to give you a preview of what you can expect. 

7.Save Space 

It is a good idea to think that even if your neighborhood doesn’t mind you storing your RV on your property that it might be a hassle. It will take up space and get in the way of your other vehicles and projects. RVs are large and by parking them in your driveway you might be relegating the other vehicles to the street which could leave them more prone to theft or other problems. 

Your kids might enjoy playing outside and in the driveway which could take away some of their outdoor space. It’s good to think about all these different things.

8.Keep Animals Away 

Something you may not have considered is that one of the ways your RV can be damaged is from animals. Common pests in the neighborhood could do big damage to your new vehicle. And the methods for attempting to trap or prevent the animals from coming on your property could be problematic in your neighborhood. 

A large RV storage facility will likely have the resources and knowledge for how to prevent this problem. They also won’t be beholden to neighborhood rules that are often designed to protect pets. Indoor facilities, of course, are unlikely to have the threat of animal damage at all. 

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Take Advantage of RV Storage Facilities Today

Taking a new RV out on the road is one of only a dozen fun things you can do in your free time. When you’re finished on the road, you should be sure to take good care of your RV by using reputable RV storage facilities today.

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