8 Best Online Payment Processing Software For eCommerce

Your eCommerce store needs the correct integration for the payment platform to gain the right momentum and spike. There may be many options available for payment processing software, but finding one that integrates well with your E-com store, has added features, and make the payment process simple, flexible, and secure is a task. 

Payment processing applications and gateways are vital to simplify accepting and making payments online in E-stores. Moreover, the payment processing gateways help to set up the whole billing terms and protect against various online payment frauds. 

Additionally, it helps to safeguard the customer payment information as well. So let’s talk about some of the best payment processing for e-Commerce that I feel are the best at present.  


GETTRX is the next-level payment processing solution that accepts almost all kinds of payments. It’s a free payment processing for eCommerce that lets you accept credit cards, bank accounts, and other payment modes. In addition, the company offers a POS option that you can customize based on your needs. 

With the transparent and flexible billing features, it makes things easier. Integration with third-party apps can help you focus on your store. Additionally, it offers real-time onboarding and integration tools that help make quick payments. 

It reduces the compliance requirements, which saves time. GETTRX streamlines your non-profit solution, so that is another benefit. It charges 2.79% + thirty cents per transaction with no added fees. 

  1. Venmo 

It syncs with your Facebook account or phone contacts for simple processing. 

It lets you search for people by email address or phone numbers for easy access. As an added security feature, each account comes with a QR code functionality, which offers ease of use. QRTiger is a free QR code generator to make a customized QR code with your brand’s logo.

Additionally, it helps you integrate with other popular third-party software available. Finally, it doesn’t charge any transaction fee for accepting, sending, or transferring payments, thus making it one of the popular online payment platforms. 

  1. Adyen 

Adyen is another great gateway that lets you accept and make payments via a virtual terminal. An eCommerce website builds a customized checkout experience with a personalized flow, tipping, and receipts. 

Plus, it enables your site or business to accept all the major credit and debit cards and payment modes. Additionally, it lets you add discounts, payment terms, and rewards to your online store. 

The software offers fraud protection using AI-based technology. The software gives a visual description of sales performance with various filters. It lets you integrate with popular shopping carts and offers 24/7 support. It charges 0.12 dollars per transaction, which is a fair enough deal.

  1. QuickBooks 

QuickBooks is a known name in the payment gateways as the best virtual payment processing software available. It lets you accept credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and other payment modes. 

It has a card reader in person and lets you make contactless payments. Additionally, it offers a recurring payment option that charges the customers but offers complete flexibility. 

QuickBooks lets you integrate with other popular applications, making it a perfect choice for an eCommerce business. 

The good thing is that it does not have a monthly fee but charges one percent of ACH bank payments which is a max of 10 dollars per transaction. 

  1. Stripe 

Stripe is the best payment processing gateway for online stores. It enables your website to accept global payments making it the most feasible option. Plus, it allows payment solutions for in-person and online retailers. Customers can easily pay by stripe QR code when they purchase any products from online store. In addition, stripe offers subscription-based businesses with recurring payment terms.

You can connect with your bank details and are all set with the gateway. However, stripe focuses more on optimizing the payment part, which is why it integrates with the machine learning model. 

It also comes with fraud detection, revenue recovery, and complete expediency with 24/7 chat support. Price varies from location to location, but it charges 2 percent of the transaction. 

  1. Square 

Looking for a payment processing gateway for small businesses online, Square is the best solution for you. It accepts all modes of payments, including credit cards and mobile payment apps. 

It lets you store credit cards on the site to charge the customer for recurring billings, making the process quicker. Plus, it offers a virtual terminal feature that lets you bill the customers remotely. 

The payment processing system uses Machine Learning, which helps to detect fraud and monitor transactions made. 

It works well with various CMS platforms, including WordPress, and charges 2.6% plus ten cents per transaction. In addition, the platform may charge an added fee for manual key details. 

  1. Helcim 

Helcim is the best payment processing software for recurring billing. With its virtual terminal feature, you can convert your mobile or tablet into a credit card processor, plus it lets you accept all the major credit cards and debit cards. 

The company enables payment authorization in seconds, saving a lot of time. In addition, you can offer your customers recurring payment plans, a customization feature of the website. 

Plus, it directly syncs the information with QuickBooks. It also lets you integrate with other third-party tools and online shopping carts, charging 1.92 percent of the transaction, which is great for small websites.

  1. Fiserv 

Fiserv offers automated payment processing for all payment types. Plus, it provides a single payment platform for all the domestic and regional clearing, thus saving time. 

The real-time features allow you to refine the workflows according to the payment strategy. The best part is; that it is compatible across all the devices. It does not list integrations on the website. The company works on customized pricing options.

Well, the above-listed payment processing gateways find a mention here for their capability to offer complete flexibility to E-stores. Hopefully, this list will help you get clarity in choosing the right payment processing solution to scale your business a notch higher. 

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