8 Half Sleeve Tattoos for Women That Never Cease to Amaze

There are many different blogs across the internet that talk about tattoos and how to choose the right tattoo but only a few digs deeper into it, like into its different types. 

There are thirteen different styles of tattoos- TRIBAL (aka Polynesian), JAPANESE (Irezumi), AMERICAN TRADITIONAL (NEO-TRADITIONAL is the updated version of this style), REALISM (aims for tattoos that look like a photograph), NEW SCHOOL (animated sketches), BIOMECHANICAL (cyborgs and more), WATERCOLOR (no explanation needed, I hope), TRASH POLKA (youngest and most recent), BLACKWORK (just purely black ink), GEOMETRIC (all 5th pass will know the meaning), ABSTRACT (purely to distract) and SKETCH (first draft).

There are obviously more types but these types define the base of style. When you want to get a tattoo, it is always better to know your options and preferably your design but I’m sure the artist would come up with some great options and if they don’t…just take back your money and run.

The most widely used styles among the above thirteen will be the New School, Abstract, Geometric, Realism and Tribal. I have seen many going for these options the most even though they don’t know the name of the style they are going for. Since more than half of the youth is option for inking their skin, I think the basic knowledge of Tattoos should be spread among them. This would let them come to an educated conclusion about what they feel like inking their body with, should it be a small paw or an abstract butterfly.

To give you a little more information and bless your eyes with some quirky designs we bring to you 8 greatest designs of female classy half sleeve tattoo for women that will not leave your mind without messing it up and I mean really messing it up but obviously in a good way.



This type of tattoo is widely popular and I mean widely. Tribal communities use this technique of inking the skin to recite a story narrative or for religious purposes, mostly both. This style is accentuated by bold and thick lines with elaborate designs that steal attention almost immediately.

This style is not limited to any one tribal community but includes a group of them which are collectively deemed as Polynesian. They include- native communities of Samoa, New Zealand, Hawaii etc.

This half sleeve tattoo on my forearm is one of the bold and daring tattoo I have come across.



Have you ever seen a wave tattoo in a square on someone? The one with a massive wave, a tide to be exact. That is a classic of the Japanese tattoo art. Known as the ‘The Great Wave of Kanagawa’ by printmaker Hokusai. 

The Japanese style dates backs to hundreds of years. They have a very unique look to their design and use symbolism to show the meaning.

The famous woodblock print of the Edo period is what brought about this aesthetic to their tattoo designs.


Originated to document expeditions in the 18th century, such unique tattoos have come a long way. Featuring clean and sleek outlines with basic colors the style usually portrays the skull, dagger, roses, nautical designs etc. It became popular during the 1930s and since then it has updated to a more detailed version known as the Neo-Traditional style of tattoo.


I know it’s absurd but have you ever thought about how it would be if one of your arms was completely mechanical, like a half cyborg or something. 

This style’s motto is nature meets tech.

A new and fresh concept straight out of the oven (which is a machine too, point to be noted).


A blog writer should not be biased but I am. I am biased because of this style of tattoo.

It is my bias.

The cool modern black and red combo has me hooked to it.


 Fans of cartoons and animation, behold, as I present some dashing tattoo designs to blow your mind.

Emerged in the late 20th century, this style is dedicated to animation and cartoon. They can be actual cartoon characters or just anything in general drawn as a cartoon. This style can range from adorable to killer in less than a second.


Purely aims at distracting people and hence gain attention. Abstract art has always been a n attention seeker and having such art tattooed obviously is distracting.

It basically wants people to go “What the hell is this?”


Black pencil strokes that stroke your artistic nature (even if you think you don’t have one).

Yes, it is that powerful. A very authentic and genre friendly style of tattoo.

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