8 Safety Tips for Truck Drivers to Avoid Accidents

Syracuse is slowly becoming the deadliest intersection in NYC, where truck accidents are rising tremendously. This year, it took the 7th spot on the statewide list with 15.3 crash deaths per 100,000 people. According to the ITSMR, the county witnesses around 100-200 truck crashes every year on average.

Although most truck drivers do everything they can to avoid serious accidents, sometimes they are unavoidable. Since Syracuse mainly relies on large trucks to keep its economy running, its drivers must follow safety protocols while on the road and before hitting the road. People should also learn the importance of hiring a truck accident lawyer as soon as the tragedy occurs to obtain justice.

This article will discuss a few safety tips drivers must follow to avoid accidents.

Identify the Route Beforehand

Before hitting the road with the cargo, familiarize yourself with the route to determine the most suitable one leading to the destination. Talk to people and evaluate your options to plot the most reasonable route without running into accidents and wasting time.

Properly Pack the Cargo

Truck casualties usually take place because of improper packaging of the cargo. That’s why, to avoid such mishaps, secure every item loaded on the truck. Evenly distribute the weight of cargo throughout the truck to evade overloading and flipping hazards. Also, ensure the load is within federal and local limits.

Defensive Driving

Instead of thinking that the route is reliable, truck drivers must drive thinking about the worst-case scenario. It might seem more dangerous, but encourage them to watch out for potential accidents. If the driver thinks risky situations lie ahead, they must make well-informed judgments to diminish the chances of accidents.

Defensive driving methods include looking out for blind zones, maintaining a distance from other cars, giving a signal when switching lanes, remaining prepared for an emergency, and staying calm.

Conduct Routine Servicing

Remaining updated with the vehicle’s condition and building sturdy preventative upkeep schedules help keep it in good shape to avoid accidents. The maintenance program includes checking for oil and brake pad switches, breakdown records, and real-time signals for vital defects.

Slow Down at Turns

If you are driving in the hills, practice slowing down the speed on turns and blowing the horn. It will alert other vehicles to switch lanes or slow down. One can use dash cameras to see how they drive and figure out what they can do to avoid accidents. Also, drivers must stick to their lane and not overtake other vehicles while driving in the hills.

Properly Inspect the Truck

While regular servicing is crucial, properly inspecting the vehicle before leaving is also essential to avoid breakdowns and ensure every component is in working order. Draft a checklist to review the tires, brakes, headlights, wiper blades, steering wheel, and other critical components before leaving.

Take Care of Your Health

While truck maintenance is crucial, so is the driver’s health. Before hitting the road, the driver must get ample rest to stay alert while driving. It is also critical to make intelligent nutritional choices. Instead of feeding on unhealthy foods, they must consume healthier options to limit frequent downtimes and reach their destination on time. It will also reap long-term perks.

Follow Basic Driving Rules

Following the basic driving rules can help avoid accidents to a considerable extent. It includes wearing a seat belt, obeying the speed limit, slowing down for turns and curves, and maintaining a safe distance from others. While all vehicles must follow these protocols, they are especially vital for trucks carrying heavy cargo to evade flipping, slipping, and crashes.

Wrapping Up

Since motor vehicle crashes have become the leading cause of death nowadays, everyone must ensure their safety with the tips mentioned above. Anyone who has suffered damages from an at-fault party after a truck crash and is seeking compensation must file a lawsuit to seek compensation as early as possible.

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