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9 Reasons Behind the Popularity of Same-Day Grocery Delivery

Our life has become so overloaded and fast now that placing an order for delivery within half an hour has become the new norm. But what if you could buy groceries just as quickly? Also, what if you can ignore the additional charges and calories of an order takeaway by making a home-cooked meal – without the checkout lines? Well, we have covered you!

You may have definitely heard of same-day grocery delivery, which is now more popular in India and provides many benefits to both customers and businesses. These services are also profitable for retailers and other people who help in the growth of these products.

What are the Reasons for the Popularity of Same-day Grocery Delivery?


With nearly everything now present at your fingertips, and we signify almost all things— customers are changing the way they spend their cash. Convenience plays the biggest role in this cultural transformation, and technology offers possibilities to look after regular tasks such as grocery shopping without needing to go to physical stores. Here are some of the essential reasons that have imparted to the growth of same-day grocery delivery services.

1. User-friendly and Time-Saving

The popularity of same-day grocery delivery services can be attributed initially to user-friendliness and time-saving capability. No matter how near your grocery shop is, you still require to visit there to buy the groceries. Now, it is easier for customers to buy their food as fast as feasible, thanks to online groceries buying and delivery services.

2. Cost-effective Than Physical Grocery Shops

The fact that online retailers offer grocery products at a lesser cost than offline shops is one more reason behind the popularity of same-day grocery delivery services to homes. This has become possible through the successful, partly computerized management of these stores. Highly successful supply chains also keep up the service through unseen situations. By taking less cash from the customers, online shops can also offer improved customer service. Most of the time, this is the case; thus, delivery services of this type have gained immense popularity.

3. Suitable for People Who Cannot Shop Traditionally

For individuals who cannot go outside and shop, online grocery shopping with same-day delivery is helpful. Several pregnant ladies and elder people with health and mobility problems are suggested not to lift heavy items. They can also put their health in danger by exhausting themselves. These people can manage their freedom by employing grocery delivery services.

4. Lower Operating Costs

The millennials are not ever the reason behind the growing need for same-day grocery delivery services to the doorstep. For such business holders, the service includes limited operational charges after the initial investment. Naturally, these services call for intensely quick data flow and consistent resource availability. Many of these, however, can be simply adopted by the market.

5. May Restrict Impulse Buying

Although impulse buying is frequently described as a big problem of offline shopping, that may not be the condition with online grocery delivery services. Conventional grocery shops are prudently designed to increase temptation, with added products next to each other and high-margin, frequently unrequired goodies (for example, soda, candy, and trashy magazines) at the checkout area to attract customers in line.

While delivery services’ online ordering interfaces are developed logically, with sales and special items apparently displayed. There is no enticement to get a magazine or packet of potato chips and get in while you stand in the checkout queue.

And since there is an interruption between when you place and get your order, you are less likely to add unneeded products simply as you are feeling hungry. And that is a good thing for your grocery budget too.

6. Highly Developed Product Filtering Capability

Contrary to physical grocery shops, present online grocery shops are very resourceful, often gather customer information, and even show customers what they like to buy. Even within that structure, online grocery stores provide features that allow users to sort between different things based on a range of values. Cost, weight, and the kind of food are some of these variables. The shipping procedure starts just after the user places the order.

7. Offers Huge Employment Possibilities

It is one of the extra advantages of online grocery buying and delivery services. Even though most product stocking and delivery houses have become digital. Thus, this new business model has come out in the development of many jobs. Delivery people and office managers have become important to these services, and governments also support them, that’s why they are liked mostly everywhere.

8. Proof Of Delivery & Excellent Client Support

s the majority of same-day grocery delivery services that deliver directly at the customer’s door use some kind of delivery testimony. Most of the time, it is presented in an electronic form, and post-delivery, the customer has to verify delivery. Online forms for customer complaints are also provided, which makes it effortless for businesses to check delivery-related problems. As the delivery people have got essential training in customer care, they are the only ones who deal with customer problems deliberately.

9. Simplified Payments

Online payment systems are beneficial to both customers and businesses. Both the online shop’s earnings and its customers’ convenience are improved by this method. It is somewhat safe to use same-day grocery delivery services as they also have various security attributes that are authorized by the government.

Ending Note

So, these are several reasons why same-day grocery delivery is popular, and due to that, there has been a sudden growth in its popularity. The old ways of buying groceries have slowly been superseded by new ones that are more prominent with both shops and customers. A lot of people are getting their groceries delivered and picked up the same day, thanks to Swiggy Instamart, a user-friendly online grocery platform. It helps people to get their groceries delivered to their doorsteps without any hassles. For more info, check out the app now! 

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