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9 things to know before listing your home on the market

It is definitely a big thing if you are listing your home on the market, but there are some things you need to do before it in order for the home to sell quickly. Although homes in the listing do not exactly have an expiry date, homebuyers looking at the options may lose interest in it if your property is available in the listing for longer than necessary. 

So what do you do before listing your home on the market? As a first step, you can hire estate agents in Edgware who will offer you professional help to sell your home quickly, and they will also offer you the best tips to make your home more attractive to homebuyers. 

But for now, find out the nine things you have to know before listing your home. 

  • Depersonlise the property 

It is your home you are selling, but the homebuyers who may come to view the property may not appreciate the personal belongings still existing on the property. That is why you have to spend some time depersonalising the home by removing any personal photos, artefacts, furniture, or any other personal touches from home. After doing it, give it as generic an atmosphere as possible so that the potential homebuyers will love to see it. 

  • Prepare descriptions of the property 

You have to know a great deal about your property before listing it, like its square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the construction year of the property, heating and cooling details, and more. These details will help you create beautiful descriptions for the property when you are listing it on websites or other platforms. But this task becomes far easier if you get help from estate agents. 

  • Do the repair work

If your home requires urgent repair work such as leaking pipes, cracks in the wall, squeaky doors, or others, get it fixed because if there are serious damages your home selling price can get affected. So only when the home is in good condition will people come forward to view it and hopefully buy it. 

  • Home staging 

You can spend time staging your home to impress the homebuyers in order for them to buy the house. So you can begin the process of home staging by removing any objects that can hinder your purpose of displaying the house to perfection. By taking away the large furniture and décor, you can make the home look more spacious and pleasing to the eyes.  

  • Take exceptionable photos 

If you want to attract potential leads to view your home listing, take attractive photos of your home. When people find your home images attractive, they will definitely want to visit it. 

  • Local market research

You can get estate agents to help to understand the local estate market, and based on that, you can make several important decisions. For instance, you can know whether it is a seller’s market so you can find a great opportunity to sell your home. 

  • Set the listing price 

Before listing the home online or via an estate agent, you have to decide on the price of the property. For this, also you have to have some knowledge of the current estate market so you can fix a price that many homebuyers will find satisfactory and which profits you.


  • Get the paperwork ready 

Selling your home is an important process, so there is lots of paperwork to take care of. That is why keep the documents and paperwork ready, like the mortgage information, IDs, and title deeds, before listing your home. So there will be no unnecessary delays if you quickly find a homebuyer. 

  • Choose a reputed estate agency 

If you want your home-selling journey and processes related to it to be hassle-free, then you have to choose the services of a reputed estate agency. It is very important because only when you find a great agent who is willing to work with you, support you, and take half the burden off your shoulders so you can succeed.

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