A Brief List of the Best Instagram Marketing Strategies

Instagram Marketing Strategies

If you want to reach a younger audience with over a billion users, Instagram has your market. The majority of Instagram users are 35 years of age or younger, and in 2021, social media professionals estimate that there will be 1.16 million users.

Instagram is a platform with a diverse array of users, from businesses to individuals who are building a brand. If you want to become Instagram famous, check out these marketing strategies.

Change to a Business Profile for Advanced Marketing Strategies

Even if you don’t have a brick-and-mortar business, a business profile on Instagram has many advantages.

You can easily do this by going to your Instagram setting and choosing “switch to business profile.”

A business profile gives you a contact button and lets you see analytics (or insights) that tells you how many people your posts are reaching. This information can tell you what content your followers like. You can also learn about your audience.

Create Content that Encourages Action

What is your purpose for wanting to be successful with your Instagram marketing? Knowing the answer to this question is just smart marketing.

In the marketing industry, you will hear a lot about creating killer content. What does that mean though? The answer to that is different for everyone, but the result is that the viewer always wants to take some action after seeing your content.

If you are selling a product or service, you want them to click through to your website or somewhere they can make a purchase. If your goal is to become famous on Instagram for free, you want them to comment and share your content so others can find it.

Build excitement. Entertain. Fill a need.

Don’t be pushy. Be a tease. Make viewers want more!

Create Instagram Stories and Reels

Stories and reels are a different type of content for Instagram. They allow you to reach your audience differently.

Stories are live for 24 hours and then they disappear. They display as a slideshow kind of format. They appear at the top of your feed instead of in your feed in the order that they are posted.

You can create images, videos, Boomerangs, and even live videos. Add stickers or gifs to make it more interesting. You can even ask questions that users can answer and you can later respond to.

Instagram reels allow you to create longer videos. This is great for content that you don’t want to disappear and takes longer to communicate. Teach your users something or share an interesting story.

Reels appear in users’ feeds in a limited capacity. If a user wants to see the complete reel, they can click on it and watch.

Keep Learning

Instagram is always changing, MediaTek Announces Dimensity so it is important to keep learning. You’ll discover new things each day. Follow successful Instagramers to learn the best marketing tips. Learn marketing strategies from other users.

Keep up-to-date with the latest in social media trends by checking out the Technology section of our blog!

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