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A Brief Look at the Many Different Interior Home Design Themes

Your home should reflect your interests and your personal style, but a lot of people get stuck in a rut when designing their rooms.

They go with whatever the most convenient furniture is and hope that it all looks good together. But this is no way to build a home that you want to spend time in.

Consider how you hope to feel in your home. Elated? Relaxed? Extravagant? Then you can look at these interior home design themes to find the one that meets all your needs.

Art Deco

Channel your inner Gatsby with one of the flashiest interior design styles. Art Deco is glam and sophisticated and easy to find inspiration for.

Go for graphic shapes and patterns in jewel tones and metallics and you’ve got the art deco home of your dreams. Finish off the room with a jeweled mirror as an unexpected piece and a couple of examples of art deco poster work.


The boho style is a little more loose and carefree. It’s one of the interior design themes that embrace the mess and just the right amount of clutter.

The key to the bohemian look is a mix of textures. Combine thick throw blankets with soft lace curtains. Find pieces with bits of embellishment but stick with more subdued colors for a relaxed look.


Another glamorous option, neo-classical screams intellect and style. Find inspiration from classical painters and Roman architecture.

Keep colors clean and crisp, but don’t be afraid of extravagant features. Billowing curtains, tufted couches, and gilded features make this style pop. Find a print of your favorite classical artwork to tie the room together.


If you like the neo-classical style, but want to go a little bolder, why not try Roccoco? This decadent style is inspired by French apartments and paintings with stunning chandeliers and pretty pastel colors.

Nothing is too over the top when it comes to the Roccoco style. Try velvet chaise lounges, sparkly chandeliers, and extravagant fireplace details. Anything that looks luxurious belongs in a Roccoco room.

Contemporary Minimalism

Minimalism is for the smart homeowner. Cut back on what you actually need to live comfortably for an easier home life and a cleaner look.

Use neutral color palettes and just pops of personality to keep things contained and organized looking. The proper storage methods are essential for this design style. Look for coffee tables and ottomans that offer storage space so that you can hide away anything you need that doesn’t fit with the theme.

Far East Flavor

Do you want your home to be a totally zen place where you can calm down and reconnect to what really matters? A room with the Far East or Asian feel can be the perfect thing for you. 

Try bamboo or teak furniture and decorate with Asian artwork. You can mix cultures or take inspiration from a specific country. Japanese inspirations tend to come from the natural world so definitely feel free to decorate with some plants as well.

Of course, with any interior design theme, you’ll need the right furniture. If you still need inspiration go to a large retailer with a lot of different styles like northeastfactorydirect.com

Interior Home Design Themes for You

The most important thing when considering interior home design themes is reflecting on what makes you unique. Whatever your personal taste is, you can recreate it with a theme. Make sure your decor works together to make your best home.

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