A Detailed Guide to Safety & Security in Your Neighborhood

Perhaps you have lived in your home for a number of years now and have seen so many other families come and go, or else you have only recently moved to this property and are conscious of ensuring a safe and secure neighborhood in which your children can grow up. 

So, for anyone who is looking for ways to contribute to a positive community spirit in their local area, continue reading to discover a detailed guide to safety and security in your neighborhood. 

Keep Drapes Closed at Night

One sure sign that an opportunistic burglar may take as the go-ahead to attempt to enter your home uninvited is if they notice, for several days and nights, that the drapes are constantly open and are never closed, as they may believe you are not home. 

More pertinent if you are someone who has proudly invested in the latest technology and has surrounded your living room with the biggest television money can buy, and the latest games console, closing your drapes will also make your home less enticing. 

Involve Your Neighbours

If, for example, you are planning a long vacation out of town and are worried about leaving your home occupied for that length of time, then asking your neighbors to nip around to your home once a day to check everything is in order is an excellent idea.

Moreover, asking them to move any mail from the box, any deliveries left on the front step, and turn a couple of lights on in the evening are also excellent ways of stepping up the security in your home and others on the street.

For those who have been experiencing issues with groups of teenagers’ hanging around’ the streets after dark, discussing possibly starting a community watch club could also be of valuable assistance. 

There is a myriad of benefits to being on friendly terms with your neighbors, including, but categorically in no way limited to, the following:

  • They can be a fantastic source of advice and comfort as independent friends 
  • They can look after your pets when you are away as well as your property too 
  • You can carpool for regular trips, such as taking the children to school 
  • A sense of togetherness and community spirit
  • They can provide recommendations for contracted builders and gardeners
  • Your property will be considerably safer when you are away on vacation
  • Your social life will expand as a result 
  • They can be the best and most ‘last minute’ babysitters of them all 
  • Feelings of isolation and loneliness will drastically reduce in severity 

Consider New Technologies

Vandalism and graffiti both appear to be a growing concern across all manner of neighborhoods in this country, and there are, fortunately, several new technologies available that can go a long way to counteract and even eradicate this. 

When there comes a time whereby you and your neighbors are looking for an effective solution to stop vandalism, technologies such as mosquito systems are the ideal choice. 

Another incredibly popular way of deterring potential burglars and making the whole street substantially safer is to invest in a home security system, which generally takes the form of a CCTV camera network. 

You could choose to have one just for the perimeter and front and back doors of your property, or if crime is a potential worry in your area, you could instead invest in a more comprehensive system for the entire street. Other effective home technologies and smart systems which are specifically designed to deter intruders include video doorbells and motion sensor lights. 

Arrange a Meeting with Your Local Government Representative

Everyone knows that for real action to take place, there needs to be exist not only a certain level of people power, but also the endorsement and support of an official who can actually help to enact the necessary changes. 

One of the prime examples of this is if you and your friends feel as if there is no longer adequate street lighting on the streets and sidewalks, then contacting someone who can actually make a change is the best way forward. 

Look into Backyard Protection 

When looking to boost the security of a property and, indeed, a whole street, the tendency is to do everything possible for the front of the building and neglect security measures at the rear. 

Always ensure that both your and your neighbor’s backyards are as brightly lit as possible, and remember that solar lighting is much more economical than using mains electricity. Motion sensor lighting is also an excellent deterrent for would-be burglars, and such lighting fixtures are best positioned to cover the pathway from the sidewalk to the back gate and across the patio. 

Your garden shed will always be a focal point for intruders, so make sure that your ladders are either locked away or chained with a metal padlock to the shed itself. If you live in an area where thefts are commonplace, consider chaining your patio furniture too. Additionally, always ensure that all garden tools and mechanical accessories for your car are locked away in the shed, as not only are such items of equipment expensive to replace, but they can also use to break doors and windows of your property. 

Be More Diligent Yourself

The bottom line is that making your neighborhood and local area a safer and more relaxing place to live, bringing up your children, and fostering a sense of togetherness and community is a team effort. 

However, you have a responsibility not only to yourself and the rest of your household but also to your friends and neighbors to speak up and out if you see anything that is out of place, suspicious activity, or even an act of violence. When friends and neighbors work together, reports repeatedly prove that this can be just as effective, if not more, than follow-ups from initial police reports. 


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