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A Simple Guide to Planning an Outdoor Movie Night

The average American subscribes to four streaming services, which shows we’re passionate about movies.

Although visiting the theater is exciting, nothing beats an outdoor movie night with loved ones and your all-time favorite flicks. Perhaps you’ve seen the ultimate set-up on Pinterest or Instagram, and you want to bring your outdoor movie night to life.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know.

Gather Your Equipment

The first step of planning a movie night is getting your supplies ready. This is your projector, media player, and sound system. You should also rent a giant screen or hang a white sheet instead.

Too overwhelming? Then let the professionals do the heavy lifting for your outdoor movie night. If you’re interested, check them out.

Sort Out Seating

Before brainstorming movie night ideas, you must offer guests comfortable seating. You can use patio furniture, chairs, and even picnic blankets. And don’t forget to hand out plenty of cushions and blankets if it gets cold.

Choose a Selection of Movies

The next step on how to plan a movie night is gathering a selection of movies. This will depend on whether you’re having a theme (e.g. horror) or if you’ve got families coming over as you’ll need kid-friendly flicks.

When you have an idea, ask everyone to vote for their favorite movie and run with that.

Prepare Snacks

The best movie night promises guests a steady stream of snacks. You can even create a concession stand where you hand out homemade tickets and the movie-snack classics like popcorn, chips, and candy.

Or, if you have the time, whip up hot dogs and nachos to keep everyone satisfied during the movie. For those concerned about sugar, then serve veggies with hummus and fresh fruit instead.

You should also store drinks in a large cooler. Not only will this save you time running back-and-forth from the kitchen, but it means guests can help themselves.

Have a Trial Run

To ensure you host the ultimate home movie night, it’s best to have a trial run. Make sure that your seating is in the right place and the projector is at the optimal angle for viewing. And if you’re hosting a movie night in summer, check when it’s dark enough to see the screen.

You should also check the speakers. Although it sounds loud in the house, outside will be different because everyone will be spread out. Test this from different positions to ensure that wherever guests are sitting, they can hear and see the movie crystal clear.

Plan an Outdoor Movie Night Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know how to plan an outdoor movie night.

Start by getting the right equipment, figure out your seating, and prepare movie-classic snacks. You should also offer a wide collection of movies and test everything before the big night. Good luck!

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