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A Wholesome Guide To Buying The Most Aromatic Coffee Beans For Your Cafe!

Are you planning to start your coffee shop but still unsure how to choose your wholesale coffee retailers?

As a coffee shop owner, you must know the history and presence of Coffee to run a successful coffee house business. Although selecting your coffee beans is a much more complicated process than it seems, it’s bringing the best Coffee from around the world to cater to the best services to your customers. 

So while choosing your wholesale coffee beans, do not forget the following important factors that will help you purchase your essentials at the best price:

Wholesale Beans:

No matter how tempting it might sound, always buy wholesale coffee beans. Grounded Coffee loses its essence and freshness over time. Instead, invest in the right blend and choose your custom roasting schedule with Dark Moon Coffee to provide a fresh cuppa brew every day. 

Origins of Coffee:

Demographic locations affect the flavour and essence of Coffee vastly. Different locations produce different flavors and characters of Coffee. 

Always choose your Coffee according to the location of your cafe. The blend should depend on the people’s taste and what kind of Coffee is usually sold in nearby cafes. 

Roasting Variants:

The roasting affects your Coffee in multiple ways. The whole roasting process affects the flavor of Coffee in several ways. A light roast coffee is usually mild and is a bit more caffeinated than the dark roasts.

Medium roasts are a little darker and taste similar to instant Coffee.

The dark coffee roasts are indeed the most favorite coffee beans out of the three. They create a robust cup of Coffee with intense flavor that makes an exceptional espresso.

Coffee timeline:

The roasted Coffee doesn’t last forever; although its shelf life is greater than pre-ground Coffee, it is not eternal. The Coffee begins to oxidize, which reduces its flavor over time. It’s important you use it as soon as possible. 

Responsible environments:

Always deal with companies who promise to commit to fair pay towards countries from whom they extract their beans. These companies make a sustainable income source for low-income families to earn enough to make a good living.

Ingredients for a good coffee cup:

The sharpness of Coffee:

A good and flavourful coffee hits the edges of your tongue. The acidity helps to bring brightness to your cup.


It’sIt’s the aroma of your Coffee that will make your customers order for a second cup. The aroma of your cup vastly affects the sale of your business.

Your Coffee could be fruity, earthy, flowery, or smoky. Every kind of Coffee has a different smoky and aromatic flavor. 

Coffee Cup:

Your coffee cup has a significant impact on your sales; lets let’s assume Starbucks. People enjoy visiting Starbucks for various reasons, and one of them is their unique style of serving Coffee. In addition, their cups have names of buyers which adds a bit of personalized touch to the whole coffee experience. 

Using cups that are ideal for representing your goals and the restaurant’s theme or the symbol representing your logo is a great way to achieve uniqueness and sell your brand. 


Your Coffee should leave a sweet and chocolaty taste afterward, which will be a key factor for selling other bakery products in your cafe. 

At Darks Moon Coffee, experience a rich and aromatic coffee roasted on a Diedrich IR12 where each Coffee is roasted differently to bring out its full potential. Every single Coffee brought gets a sample roasted many times before it’s served & sold.

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