Shapellx is widely popular with its renowned shapewear with the saying of “reshaping how the shapewear fits for any shape and sizes like a glove!” So, if you’re longing to have a body shaper, don’t hesitate and dive into the world of body shaper with us.

You will never doubt and regret the time and money you will be investing, as it will surely benefit you in your body shaping journey! Fitting your dress while having an amazing body shape is what Shapellx offers. 

You will also enjoy the FALL SALE for up to 60% on our shapewear with exchange and return for free for up to 60 days. Such an incredible feat that you will never find it anywhere else. Become more fabulous and fiercer with what you’ll become with us wearing our shapewear before and after


Are you satisfied with your overall appearance? With how your body looks like in the mirror? When you have issues with your body figure cause of fats and unwanted love handles, it limits your choice of dresses to either hide and make them non-existent. Don’t get too hard on yourself; know that you need a bodysuit to shape your body to a new look. The shapewear bodysuits have light to medium compression with soft and elastic fabric to make you feel comfortable and breathable with your dress.


Maybe money is your issue in buying your body shaper, even how much you want them to have. It’s a good thing as Shapellx has body shapers in the sale,” FALL SALE” offers up to 60% discount to accommodate as much as those who need it. So come and join the wave of people lurking to find their new sets of shapewear!




No more hiding those fats! Get a permanent solution with your unwanted fats with the help of a waist trainer that can burn those through perspiration. Shapellx offers a waist trainer that works not only to your core and mid-section but also to your arms, hips and legs. Thus, making sure that you’ll get a well-proportioned body shape. Sweat will indeed run down as you incorporate this waist trainer with your exercises.




We all love to see people happy with how Shapellx makes their dream’s body figure come true. No matter your size, we have what you need. We know the struggle of plus size women in finding the right fitting shapewear for them. That is why we can come up with lots of reshaping and resizing to accommodate everyone’s needs and come up with the best plus size shapewear. Only here with us, we’ve got everything you need, no matter your age and body shape!




We are most proud off of how our shapewear has become for our valued customers. The abundant and good reviews we’ve got keep us going to make everyone more appealing and helpful shapewear. The compression of our shapewear works from light, medium and high, giving you options on what you prefer for yourself, with lots of style such as open-bust, strapless, open-crotch and different locks. All of the features that you wish your shapewear has is here with us! 

Shapellx is professional in selling all kinds of body shapers, from waist trainers, cincher, lipofoam, bodysuits,to postpartum shapewear. All in good quality, durable but affordable. So what are you waiting for? Go and check our incredible products now!

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