Adventurous Things to Try in Dubai

Dubai – the city of gold has a lot more to offer than just sky-high skyscrapers and fancy malls. So, if you’re visiting the emirate and want to indulge in some adrenaline rushing adventurous activities, you’ve come to the right place.

We have compiled a complete list of adventure activities in Dubai that you can enjoy with your friends or family. Let’s take a look at it!

Enjoy Skydiving

Who wouldn’t fancy viewing The Palm from high above? It’s surely a sight to behold.  You can easily try this thrilling activity in Dubai. Just book your slot at the nearest skydiving facility you can find and tick off this adrenaline rushing activity off your bucket list.

The skydiving experience above the Palm includes jumping off a plane at a phenomenal height of 4000 meters. The divers get to witness the scenic beauty of Dubai from above and also the true palm shape of The Palm. So, if you are really up for a thrill, this activity is definitely for you.

Go Dune Bashing

If you haven’t tried the desert safari in Dubai, then you’re missing something major because no trip to this emirate can complete without experiencing it.

This expedition consists of many activities; however, one of the most fun filled things to try while on desert safari is dune bashing.

During this activity, tourists ride a 4×4 off roader and the drivers drive them up and down on sand dunes. The car is driven at extremely fast speeds which makes this activity fun and thrilling. The passengers are just bouncing up and down in their seats while sand is splashing all around them.

An important thing that you must keep in mind is that this activity isn’t for the faint hearted. So if you’re not into thrills or have a physical ailment, don’t try this activity.

Ride a Seabreacher

A fantastic thing that you can try only in Dubai is to ride a shark-shaped watercraft, the SeaBreacher. Due to its unique structure, this watercraft looks like a ferocious, deadly shark. It can both dive underwater to 6 feet and float over the surface at a lighting speed of 80km. This ride offers an amazing experience; therefore, once you’re in Dubai, you should definitely give it a try.

Try Fat Biking

Fat biking, as the name suggests, is a special kind of cycling bike that is built for rough terrains. So, rent one, hop on it and explore the desert like never before. The specialised tyres of these bikes are profiled in such a way that they keep the bike from sinking in the soft desert sand.

adventure activities in Dubai

Scuba Diving

Another extreme sport and signature activity that you have to try in Dubai is undoubtedly scuba diving. Indulge yourself in the serenity of deep blue waters and discover the stunning species of fish, seahorses and shipwrecks. The best place to test your diving skills is Jumeirah Beach, well even if you’re not an expert swimmer you can dive here tension freely as the instructors are always on the watch.

Try Ziplining

One more electrifying activity that daredevils can try while vacationing in the emirate is ziplining. Dubai is home to the longest urban zipline in the world, the X-line that is present in Dubai Marina. So, if you’re looking for adventure, X-line Dubai has got you covered. You can fly 170 metres above the ground at a whooping speed of 60 km/hr on this zipline.

If you want something even more extreme, then you can head over to Jebel Jais and try the longest zipline in the world. It is located at an elevation of 1,860 m and capable of reaching a speed of 150 km/hr. Thrill aside, even the views from this zipline are breath-taking.


One of the newest extreme water sports to hit the coasts of Dubai is flyboarding. It consists of a board that has a hose attached to the jet ski’s engine. The engine pumps water out from the hose at extremely high speeds that makes the board propel into the air reaching heights of 10 meters. While in the air, the board can be maneuvered easily for performing different stunts.

So, if you want to fly above the water in full Iron man style, flyboarding is your call!

In all, Dubai is home to some of the best extreme sports that you can find in the region. These are just a few that you can easily try as part of your summer fun activities in Dubai. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip now and try these activities to make the most out of it.

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