Alcohol Treatment Center- Relationship Do’s and Don’ts

When you are in an alcohol treatment center, you may be wondering when it is alright to date again. You will find that no one recommends dating while you are inside the facility. You’ll also see that most facilities recommend waiting a year or two before dating again so that you have time to work on yourself. 

While people have a tendency not to take this seriously, they should, as many significantly bad outcomes can stem from jumping back in too early. Continue reading to learn more about the do’s and dont’s while residing at an alcohol treatment center like The Edge Treatment.

Wait Before You Dive In

One of the most significant relationships dont’s is to not dive back in too soon. Therapists and research have shown that doing so is dangerous because it can send you out of recovery and back to addiction. In the worst cases, people have overdosed and died. During this time, you should focus on yourself and heal your mind and body. It isn’t the time to find love. If you feel like you have experienced love in detox, be honest and let them know that you need this time for you. If it’s true love, they will wait. 

Alcohol Treatment Centers Want You To Make Yourself A Priority

Alcohol treatment in Worcester, MA want you to put the focus on yourself. You have been tired and abusing yourself, and you have lost yourself in the process. Taking this time to find yourself and rebuild your life is vital for having a successful recovery. This is when you need to grow internally and have a period of self-discovery.

Another thing that you should consider when wondering if you should date so soon is the other person’s journey. If you are looking for love in treatment, think about why they are there. The issues that the other person is having. They are going through recovery as well and need to focus on their journey. Being involved with another person would take away their time to reflect and discover themselves. You would never want to take that away from them, and if they care about you, they won’t want to do it to you either. 

You Could Be Trading One Addiction For Another

Love and relationships are a heady kind of intoxication. When you meet someone new, it’s exciting and wonderful. You should know that just like you can get addicted to alcohol, you can get addicted to a person. Codependency is relatively common, and it’s the last thing you need when you are trying to heal yourself. Becoming addicted to another person at this stage could make you lose yourself or feel as if you can’t survive without that other person in your life. It makes functioning on your own almost impossible. 

Recovering Safely Is Key

When you want to recover safely, remember that you should take the time to know yourself before you attempt to know anyone else on a romantic level. Recovery is a time meant to rediscover yourself and heal from the inside out. Let yourself have that chance, and you will have the best opportunity for a lasting relationship in the future. 

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