Alex Ferguson’s final season at Manchester United

There have been several successful periods in Manchester United’s history, but fans remember the great years of Matt Busby’s management with special pride. No less excellent were the footy scores of the Red Devils under Alex Ferguson. The Scot broke Busby’s record for seasons spent at Manchester United as a manager and won many titles. Sir Alex Ferguson’s last season was the one of 2012/13. The coach led the club to the champion title and triumphantly left it, giving way to David Moyes. Fans will miss Ferguson for a long time, because he managed to create an excellent team from a dilapidated team consisting of revellers and swaggerers.

The champion title was the sole trophy of the season 2012/13 for Manchester United. In other tournaments, the team was not lucky:

  • in the FA Cup, Manchester United didn’t even go through the sixth round;
  • Real Madrid knocked out the Red Devils at the 1/8 stage;
  • in the English League Cup, the team won only the 4th round.

These are far from the best achievements, but already before the start of the season, Sir Alex Ferguson noted that he was tired of everything and wanted Manchester United to play with another coach. He continued to work at the club as a consultant, because he loved the Mancunians with all his heart. After the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, the results of this footy team were not great. The Red Devils missed ahead of their enemies from Manchester City, who won trophy after trophy. The greatness of Manchester United is in the past, because from 2014 to 2021 the Mancunians didn’t win any gold medals.

Best Manchester United players of the season 2012/13

The season 2012/13 cannot be called excellent for Manchester United. However, the EPL fixtures were great, despite the performance in other tournaments. The best players of the championship of England in the Manchester United were:

  • Robin Van Persie;
  • Javier Hernandez;
  • Wayne Rooney;
  • Michael Carrick.

Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Darren Fletcher were playing well too, but the time of the veterans in the team was coming to an end. Sir Alex Ferguson invited talented and promising young players to the first team, but many of them didn’t show what they were capable of without him. Fixtures of Manchester United in the EPL and its results can be easily found on the reliable statistical portal. The site publishes the up-to-date information, which is constantly updated in real time. All data on the portal is provided free of charge. Manchester United always has a strong lineup and is the favourite in almost every tournament they take part in. Therefore, it is very interesting to monitor its results.

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