All About Waste Balers in Brief

Businesses of all sizes with recyclable waste streams can benefit greatly from commercial balers. You might discover that investing in a baler will pay for itself very quickly if your business generates high volumes of waste materials.


Let us look at the key benefits of investing in a waste baler. The benefits are:

Money Saving

It will be helpful if there can be a mechanism through which businesses can earn some extra money. And, the good news is that a baler can help businesses to do so.

With a waste baler, you can reduce waste into compact bales and send it for recycling. You can make some money by selling the recycled bales to recycling businesses.

Manufacturing facilities lose a lot of time managing waste. Without a machine, you need to delegate employees to handle the waste. And, that will consume time. 

But, things can become easier with a waste baler as you can use it to handle waste efficiently and conveniently.

Boost Green Credentials

Many companies these days reject doing business with partners who lack green credentials. So, companies will be more willing to do business with you if you can demonstrate that you care about recycling and other crucial aspects of sustainability. Therefore, you can boost your green credentials by investing in a baler.

Baler Types 

Depending on the input material, and size, there are numerous types of baling machines, such as

Vertical Baler

These balers compress the garbage by applying vertical downward force. Typically, they are employed to compress things like cardboard, metals, and plastics. In the compressing chamber is a vertical ram. They are ideal for supermarkets and retail establishments because their installation takes up less space.

Again, you should select a baler depending on the material. For example, you should invest in an aluminum scrap baler, if you produce aluminum wastes.

Horizontal Balers

In these versions, the input material is compressed by a horizontal force. Horizontal balers have a lot of scrap processing capacity. They create heavier, and denser bales, and come in various varieties:

Individual Ram Balers

The input scrap is compressed by one hydraulic cylinder. Depending on the ram and its orientation, they can be either horizontal or vertical.

Double-Ram Balers

The input scrap is pressed by two hydraulic cylinders. Compared to the output of the single ram baler, the created baler is denser. The majority of the time, they are utilized to compress rubber and other high rebound materials.

Liquid Extraction

These balers extract the liquid from the material while compressing it.Liquid extraction balers bale materials like food and beverage waste in canned form. The baler’s body is primarily built of stainless steel to provide corrosion resistance.

Iron Baler

Metal scraps are compressed by using Iron Balers. To effectively compress large material, there are two to three rams. They have big holes for which they can accept large quantities. Typically, material is fed into them by cranes.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Baler

Each business cannot be served by a single baling equipment. Therefore, when choosing a baler, these considerations must be taken into account.

The Size

For huge scraps, a large baler is preferable; for smaller pieces, a smaller baler. Therefore, before choosing the baler, you should think about how much trash your location produces.

The Essential Space

Determine the location of the baling machine installation. The machine should be bought based on the installation space that is available.


Large, brand-new baling equipment may be more expensive than used baling equipment. Therefore, if money is tight, purchase a used baling machine.


Either a semi-automated or completely automatic baling machine can be considered for purchasing. In the semi-automatic type, you might have to perform some manual work.

Electrical Output

A baling machine can have a power capacity of 10T to 20T. You need a baling equipment with more power capacity if your waste material is hefty.


If your business generates more waste, you should invest in a waste baler. But, balers come in different types. So, you should do the due diligence of selecting the right baler for your business. Also, you should choose a quality manufacturer because only such a manufacturer can provide you with quality products.

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