All You Need to Know about Giddings and Lewis Machines

Boring mills are the center of any metalworking company, be it making a simple part for a bigger machine or making intricate parts to be used as a device itself; every action requires precise machining. Given how automation has leveraged operations in the present, you cannot simply ignore the contribution of Giddings and Lewis machines, one of the best names in complicated engineering parts.

Giddings and Lewis boring mills are known for their structural rigidity and their flexibility of use. They come with many options for headstocks, speeds, and the type of tool that is being used. However, these advanced milling machines are not very affordable, their price validates their usefulness, but it can be a significant financial burden for smaller companies.

So, such manufacturers rely on the used machinery market to get the best deals for these machines. The used machine market is more significant than the newer market, and companies like Prestige Equipment give affordable milling choices at a reasonable price. A few tricks will help you get the best possible deal without breaking the bank.

In this article, you’ll get to know about the different ways in which you can get a better deal on such machinery.

Giddings and Lewis Metalworking Tools and their Features:

There is nothing better than a Giddings and Lewis by prestige equipment when it comes to automated boring or milling machines. The incredible build quality and long life is something that every company looks out for. There are a variety of metalworking machines that they produce a list of them along with their features are as follows,

  • Gidding and Lewis Horizontal Boring Mill – These horizontal boring mills provide maximum productivity at a minimal cost, and their functionalities are pretty hard to beat. The underlying structure is very rigid and reliable; powerful computers power it, it can take decisions on its own and optimize the boring performance for the best output.

Some of its other benefits include an economic chip management system with a coolant pan for chip and coolant containment. The headstock is electronically counterbalanced to provide the best contouring effects.

  • Rotary Table Horizontal Boring Mill – This type of Giddings and Lewis boring mill comes with a built-in rotary table. Additional axes add to the machine’s flexibility and allow machining of parts requiring work on multiple surfaces. These tables can handle heavy components up to a weight of 40,000 kg.

The base and bed are from a single piece improving the rigidity of the structure. Its modular design provides a wide range of flexibility, with multiple headstocks and speeds to choose from.

  • Palette Shuttle Horizontal Boring Mill – The dual palette shuttle system enables faster tool changing and automates the non-cutting process. It also provides a lot of flexibility as multiple pallet configurations are available.

This allows loading of the second part while the boring mill is machining the first part. The high-performance drive allows for a faster traverse speed of around 25m/min, along with better stiffness.

Tips for Getting the Best Deals at Industrial Liquidation Auctions:

Many manufacturing companies just starting may find buying a new machine costly for their budget. So, they refer to the used machine markets and industrial liquidation auctions to get the device they require.

Among these equipment auctions, the equipment auctions of prestige equipment are the most reliable, and they provide outstanding deals on selected models. Prestige equipment’s Gidding and Lewis machines are the ones to look out for if you are willing to give an excellent start to your manufacturing company. Following are some of the guides that will help you grab a good deal from industrial liquidation auctions.

  • Do your research before making a purchase – Have a proper understanding of the type of job your company will be doing and buy machines that will help you with those tasks only. There is no need to purchase a machine with many more features at a higher price because you will never be using those features.
  • Inspect the exact age of the machine – Look out for paper having past records of its owners, tasks it was being used for, and its total runtime to date. This will give you an idea about the condition of the machine and the work hours you can expect from that machine before replacing it with another one.
  • Check all the axes of the machine – For multi-axis CNC machines, there is a high chance that one or more axes may be stuck while they are being sold. So it is recommended for you to conduct a mobility test on the machine to ensure a smooth running experience. Also, doing a dry run is recommended as it will help you understand if the entire machine is in proper working condition.
  • Ask for maintenance records – A look at the maintenance records will help you in understanding the number of problems that have risen with the machine and if any parts have been replaced or not. If it was replaced, you should check for the warranty on the newly replaced part. All this will give you knowledge about the expenses that might occur in the future and, depending on your budget, help you make the final decision.


As can be seen from the above paragraphs, Giddings and Lewis is a well-known company for boring mills, and the reason behind that is their sturdy structure and flexibility of use. To get a good deal, the guidelines should be followed, and the main thing is not to get influenced by what the seller is saying. It is also recommended to compare the price from multiple sources and get the best deal. However, companies like Prestige equipment always give you the best deal that any other used machine company will not be able to provide.

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