All you Need to Know About the Karcher Pressure Washer

Are you seeking the best pressure washing machine for home or industrial use? Karcher is the best company brand to shop for pressure washing machines. The prices are different depending on some of the factors affecting the marketplace. This article details the five Ways to consider busing Karcher cleaning appliances.

The machine we talk about here is a handheld washing gadget used in plenty of cleaning around the home setting. They are a leading brand in pressure washers, and they come in different models to suit the user.

Karcher is not just a leading company with washing machines In Kenya but is also the world-leading brand of washing machines suitable for various home-based cleaning chores.

Karcher pressure washer

Why buy a Karcher pressure washer?

Karcher makes the difference

Karcher invented the high-pressure washer, and it is in constant reinvention. In 1958, they developed the first European hot water high-pressure washer for professional cleaning.

In 1984, they launched the first portable pressure washer for private households. All these sum up the milestone advancement for the pressure washers. These denoted the seriousness for better pressure washer machines.

They have unique specialist knowledge that makes them invent new and advanced machines every day. This assures its users that they can provide better efficient appliances.

Exceptionally powerful-50% time-saving

The patented Karcher nozzle technology suited to each model allows it to save 50% cleaning time. As for this, it makes cleaning faster than a person using other cleaning techniques.

In simple terms, a person using his hands with a bucket to clean a car will likely take more time to finish. A person using a Karcher machine will take less time to finish his work than the previous.


They are trying their best to develop the highest pressure cleaning machine. They have perfected the art of designing high pressure washing. So far, it has the highest pressure washer model that is leading in Kenya.

Reliability of the brand’s quality

Karcher are global leaders in the market, offering reliable pressure cleaning performances. They are in a position to suit the customer’s wants and needs. They make sure that the available models in the market are the best.

For more than 75 years, Karcher has stood for innovation quality. They also ensure that the products leaving the factory are tested for functionality and performance. This keenness makes it certain that their products in the market never fail.

Karcher pressure washer price in Kenya today depends on the shop you will buy your machine. It also depends on which model you are going to buy. High-pressure washers go at a high price as compared to the others.

It is very disappointing to buy a machine and later realize that it doesn’t work as you thought it. And when going to the market to buy a more reliable pressure washer machine, it must suit your good thought.


Some of the appliances charge higher while others are lower. The pricing also depends on the model, and therefore the lower the price, the lower the machine’s pressure.

In conclusion, going for r higher-priced machine with higher satisfying pressure in cleaning is the best choice a person has to make while shopping for pressure washers.

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