Application of Face Recognition / Machine Learning in our daily life

The growing demand for machine learning and facial recognition services is increasing due to their functionality. It has efficiently reduced the need for complex programming by taking the use of big data and mastering self-learning of complex algorithms to deliver the task automatically without human intervention. Easy adaptability, precise and accurate outcomes, fast machine-assisted business processing are the major benefits of adopting these services to promote business growth. Many machine learning companies which are present worldwide provides next-generation face recognition service that helps your business reach new heights so that u can keep ahead of the completion.

In the era of automation and artificial intelligence, works are being simulated to reduce the human effort got getting work automatically. This has risen the idea of machine learning. The primary aim of machine learning is to allow the computers to learn automatically without intervention or assistance and adjust actions accordingly.

Well, facial recognition is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that the system can learn from data, identify a pattern and make a decision with minimal human intervention.

Here are few examples from our everyday life and we even do not have any idea that these are driven by machine learning.

  1. Virtual personal assistant

Virtual personal assistant as the name suggests, they assist in finding the information.  Siri, Alexa, Google are some of the popular examples of personal assistants.

  1. Video surveillance

The video surveillance systems are now integrated with artificial intelligence which makes it possible to detect crime before they happen.

  1. Social media services

We all use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.   and these platforms are using machine learning for their own and user benefits like artificial learning and face recognition. These wonderful features are nothing but the application of machine learning.

  1. Product recommendation

We all are using shopping apps these days very frequently, then we might have noticed that the shopping website or the app recommends us some items that somehow match with our likes and requirements, these all are happening by using machine learning.

  1. Search engine result refining

Search engines use machine learning to improve the search results for us.

  1. Prediction while commuting

Traffic prediction: during these days we all are using GPS    navigation services.   Whenever we turned on the GPS, our current location and velocities are being saved at a central server for managing traffic.  This data is then analysed by using a machine learning technique and the status of congestion is being displayed as a result. From this result, one can come to know about the traffic in that particular area.

Bottom Line:

In nowadays not every website has a live customer executive to answer the asked queries. Most of the time we talk with the chatbot. The face recognition services companies like the Q3tech are implementing modern and innovative techniques to make sure that human life is made simple and easy with appropriate scope for security in the online domain.


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