Are DevOps and Cloud Certification COurses Online a Game Changer?

Technology such as DevOps and cloud computing are skyrocketing the business in terms of innovation and productivity. A series of reliable data sources show a cloud market of about 150 million dollars, which accounts for 60% of the business sector. Therefore, emerging businesses implement the winning combination of DevOps and cloud computing in their business.

Regarding career aspects, the demand for DevOps and cloud-based job opportunities is increasing, leading to the need for certification to enhance your career. So here in this article, we will discuss some benefits of certification in cloud computing and DevOps. 

       Overview: Why DevOps and Cloud Career?

  1.  In the tech market, the evolution of DevOps methodology has led to increased demand for DevOps and cloud computing skill sets and new job opportunities; therefore, it ensured stability and job security.
  2. DevOps methodology brings efficiency and cost-effective technology in terms of scalability in the cloud platform. The evolution of DevOps and cloud computing practices in IT firms is one of the important factors for raising career prospects.
  3.  The high demand for professionals making competitive salaries attracts career choices in the financial aspect, as it fosters career opportunities abroad.
  4. This combination has Future scope in terms of technological advancement and career potential.

       Career Potential in DevOps and Cloud:

Surging collaboration practices of DevOps and cloud computing IT firms bring diverse job roles with better salaries as follows:

  • Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) – ₹13,80,000 per annum.
  • Automation Engineer – 6,49,154 per annum
  • Cloud Security Specialist – ₹17,07,608 per annum.
  • Cloud Engineer – 7,10000 per annum. 
  • DevOps Engineer – ₹8,90,000 per annum.

Challenges without certification:

  1. You will not be recognized for your skills in the job market if you do not choose to have certificates.
  2. It will hamper career advancement, placement possibilities, and opportunities in a competitive job market.
  3.  In addition, in the first round of recruitment, your resume will be rejected, and there is no possibility of a traineeship.
  4. Certifications will give you a comprehensive overview of the portion that updates your pledge, but certification will lead to adequate skill development.

What do you learn through DevOps and cloud certification?

DevOps and cloud certification typically cover a range of skills and knowledge related to development, operation, and cloud technology as follows:

  •  Cloud skills:

Cloud courses online help you understand the usage of programming languages such as Linux, python programming, AWS mastery, Azure, and Google Cloud patterns. 

  • DevOps practices: 

Comprehensive DevOps techniques such as CI/CD, container orchestration with Kubernetes, IaC, and ELK stack.

  • Collaboration tools:

The tools are associated with cloud and DevOps, so learning emerging tools on Cloud-DevOps, e.g., version control, Bitbucket server, DNG, RTC, etc.


  • Meeting Industry Demand: 

Certification-based courses recognized under corporate companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, etc. This will set a benchmark for employers and recruiters within the industry to see your skills. 

  1. Skill Development And Skill Validation 

DevOps and cloud certification are a reference for your skills in key regions, including cloud platform, deployment, and infrastructure automation. This validation is crucial for the recruitment process in the competitive market.

       3. Improve Your Market Value 

Certification will improve your market value in a competitive business. A recruiter is looking for professionals who have the skills in the latest technology. Having certification in trending DevOps and cloud tools will enhance your chances of placement within the desired company.

       4. Working Efficiency 

The abilities and tools needed to expand, test, or deploy packages are furnished through DevOps and cloud certification. Hands-on projects in DevOps and cloud certification courses elevate your work efficiency as per industry standards.

        5. Career Progression and Salary 

Updating your certifications on recent tools or technology improves the chances that you will be able to take part in new projects at a given company, and also increase the chance of career progression.

        6. Abroad Opportunities

There is a demand for technical skills in DevOps and cloud computing worldwide. These certificates provide you a global recognition, enhancing your chance to work across the globe.

How to get DevOps And Cloud Certification?

  • Understanding Basic:

DevOps encourages the collaboration of software development and IT operations with cloud computing, providing information resources on the Internet. Basic skills, e.g., proficiency in Python, Linux, CI/CD, and IaC, are needed to work on DevOps and cloud.

  • Gain Practical Knowledge:

Practicing theoretical knowledge is a crucial part of preparation. Certification courses will provide hands-on projects to gain practical experience. Utilize the cloud and DevOps tools for real projects, where you will gain the ability to face hurdles in learning.

  • Study Resources:

Spend time studying the internet courses, video lectures, official documentation, practice tests, blogs, and articles. Therefore, DevOps and Cloud courses online provide a platform to get organized study resources.

  • Choose a certification:

DevOps and Clouds platform has a pool of online certification courses offered by IBM, Microsoft, etc. 

Following your role is subsequently essential as it helps you to choose a certification with personal preferences and goals. All these certifications demonstrate your ability to deploy DevOps and cloud tools in an adequate project.  

  • Networking and Communication: 

Certification will connect you to the DevOps and cloud communities via social media, debates, forums, or LinkedIn opportunities that allow you to stay on top of news and job offers.       

In a nutshell, As businesses start to embrace DevOps and cloud practices, add value to hold the certifications. Investing in time on cloud and DevOps certification courses is a strategic move in your career upskilling. The certificate confirms your knowledge of development, collaboration, and cloud services. Holding this certification saves you a place in the evolving job culture of DevOps and cloud platforms.



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