Are Savini Wheels Good Choices for The All-New Hyundai Palisade?

A few weeks ago, the 2023 Hyundai Palisade was officially declared. This 3-row, midsize SUV was in the pipeline for several months. 

As soon as the news hit the Web, the chatter started on aftermarket forums. The subject was fairly simple: would it be worthwhile buying a set of Savini Wheels for this deluxe SUV?

This is not very easily answered for several reasons. One, other car wheels majors like Asanti and Lexani have made rapid inroads into the sub-niche that was once Savini’s turf. Two, some experts (as well as greenhorns in the aftermarket scene) believe that the new Palisade will ‘not match up to expectations’ and are still waiting for more details to emerge.

But perhaps the most significant reason why this has set off a heated debate in a small circle of passionate car lovers is the price tag. It goes without saying that most models of Savini are pretty expensive, given that they are customized just for your vehicle and use several proprietary technologies that most other companies do not. Sometimes, wheel financing options become necessary for those looking to get themselves a brand-new set of Savini rims. 

Clearly, it is a tangled mess.

That said, Savini Wheels are still your best bet if you are looking for a set of rims that have the looks and tech to stand toe-to-toe with such a vehicle. The 7-seater 2023 Palisade will be slightly heavier than its former iterations. 

Consider the following observations.

Are Savini’s expensive rims required for my SUV?

While you can easily choose not to go for rims manufactured by this company and instead lunge at alternatives manufactured by Fuel, Moto Metal, Blaque Diamond, or XD wheels, you would be missing out on a few critical points.

1. Those customization options are necessary: First of all, the Palisade has been tested extensively by almost every car and bike magazine and the reviews are pouring in. It will be a seriously good car with a redesigned engine, better interiors, and improved fuel economy. Exactly how many trims will hit the US markets is still unknown, but the top trims should easily rival the best that MG and Toyota have to offer.

Did you know that most people who own either the Gloster or the Fortuner (or both) rely a lot on car wheels churned out by Savini?

To be honest, we did not know that until a few weeks ago when we were checking out the latest Savini Wheels at AudioCity USA, our favorite retailer in California. These guys have been in the business for 33+ years and their experts assured us that Savini’s styles and sartorial senses were ideal for prominent SUVs like the models mentioned here.

Because Savini can provide customization options that few others can match up to, their rims should fit all trims of the upcoming Palisade. We also heard that Savini itself will offer a few facelifted versions of their classic forged rims looking at these 7-seaters, but that we cannot confirm.

2. Easily a better choice than Asanti: Nope, we are not downplaying Asanti wheels! They are excellent products and are worthy of the reputation they have acquired. But when we pitted the Asanti ABL-21 Leo against the BM-13 from Savini’s Black di Forza line, the winner was clear.

The ABL-21 does not have as many options for customizing as the Savini counterpart. Plus, such an SUV does not always require a 2-piece rim that Asanti is pushing. A flow-forged Savini crafted out of A356-T6 aluminum alloy would perhaps be a better product because there is plenty of room for improvisation.

Also, the Asanti is somewhat heavier than most of what Savini Wheels is serving up. 

Most of the best modding specialists and body shops we spoke to also confirmed a smaller but important detail: Savini’s rims had been designed to be more easily fitted!

So, no, these rims are not overkill.

3. Savini’s got a good record for SUV aftermarket rims: Since we are discussing the 2023 Palisade, let us quickly introduce here another point. The 2020 Palisade was one of the most heavily modified cars (just after the pandemic had started ebbing) and most experienced customers opted for the SV-F2, one of the lightest and coolest models that the company has launched till date.

Such was the craze for these specialized car wheels that Savini even introduced a new shade (DDT or dark double tint) for this specific model. The SV-F2 forged masterwork has since then been one of the most favored choices for those who like taking their SUVs on harsh terrain, even though it is not strictly an off-road rim!

4. More colors and a whole lotta cool: The latest Savini Wheels are easily some of the coolest cats you will ever see! The company has realized that alongside superior technology, they require the extra bit of chutzpah to attract more clients. The latest models are yet to hit stores across the country, but they should be on the shelves by end-December of 2022.

A word on wheel financing

Before you place your order for a set of Savini Wheels guaranteed to fit your vehicle like a satin glove, understand that they will be rather expensive choices – more often than not. 

Try and secure wheel financing from your trusted retailer (or AudioCity USA, if you want to) before going all in!

Bon voyage!

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