Be trendy with our personalized chain necklaces!

What makes the difference between the necklaces you never wear, and the necklaces you wear all the time?

Beyond their aesthetics, your jewelry often has a symbolic and emotional dimension. For example, they may have been given to you by someone dear, you may have inherited them from your grandmother, or you may have received them on the occasion of an important event.

Whatever the reason, jewelry is an accessory that represents something unique and personal. To be sure to please or please yourself, opt for a pretty customizable chain necklace. By adding personalized engravings , charms and colors, you can create the personalized pendant of your dreams!

What is a trendy necklace?

A trendy necklace is not just a trendy necklace. Yes, to be really “in”, it is not enough just to copy the jewels of the it girls of the moment. What is necessary is to know your own style, your personality, what suits you and what doesn’t.

The important thing is to opt for a necklace that harmonizes with all the elements of your outfit, and not to imitate what you see in magazines.

Why choose personalized necklaces?

At the time of developing unique looks and making beautiful gifts, customizable Wholesale Jewelry makes all the difference. Unlike traditional accessories, personalized pendants really look like you, thanks to their materials, their textures, their colors.

If personalized necklaces are on the rise, it is because they resemble their recipient by being 100% unique and singular. They combine wonderfully with all styles.

On what occasion to offer a personalized necklace?

The personalized pendant is an ideal gift idea for major events. Thanks to its engraving possibilities, it can receive a sweet message, first names or even the inscription of a date marking an important day.

For example, if you give your mom a necklace for mother’s day , you can have “happy mother’s day” engraved on the pendant, so that the jewel is a symbol of the love you have for your mother. Given on her birthday, it will have a very special meaning for her.

Otherwise, you can take advantage of the personalized pendant to please your girlfriend, wife or wife. Give her a necklace engraved with a memorable date, such as the date of your meeting, your wedding or the birth of your child. The necklace will thus take on a very symbolic dimension and will represent the love that exists between you and your beloved.

Why opt for a chain necklace?

In the world of necklaces, the chain is a safe bet. Unlike waxed cotton or satin ties, it is usually made of a precious metal, such as gold, gold plating , or solid silver. In addition, its regular links give it an elegant and harmonious appearance that goes with all kinds of looks.

Chain necklaces are therefore timeless jewels that are sure to please. And all the more so when they are customizable: by adding charms, pendants and liberty links to the chain, fancy necklaces reflect the character of their recipient.

Our selection of chain necklace to personalize

To help you make your choice, we have prepared an exclusive selection of customizable chain necklaces for women . You will find gift ideas that adapt to all styles and all desires.

Customizable gold-plated chain necklaces

Whether pure or plated, gold is a noble material that captures attention. Brilliant and precious, the rose gold and yellow gold necklaces embellish the most sober looks, and blend easily with already busy outfits.

Let yourself be charmed by the elegance of the hammered barrette necklace on a gold-plated chain. Composed of a chain and a hammered gold pendant, this is an exceptional accessory that will perfectly complement chic and dressed up outfits. The plus: the engraving on the back, and a necklace length that adapts to your preferences.

Make yourself a beautiful religious jewel thanks to the byzantine cross medallion necklace on a beaded cable chain . Choose the desired length, to make it a choker or a long necklace, then register a discreet engraving on the back of the medallion. This very spiritual necklace will nicely represent your faith and devotion.

Silver chains to personalize

Easy to wear, solid silver necklaces keep their shine for a very long time. In addition, the softness of the silver color goes well with all outfits and styles.

Make your beloved happy by offering her a duo necklace of solid silver targets on chain. Pretty alternatives to traditional rings, the targets of the necklace represent a bond of love between two people. This superb silver chain necklace is therefore a good gift idea to celebrate valentine’s day , to celebrate a birthday or to mark a great occasion.

Opt for softness and poetry with the sterling silver cloud necklace . Welcoming engravings on its front and back, this jewel brings tenderness to an outfit. It is particularly suitable for little girls, young girls and mothers, who will love to receive it engraved with the first names of their children.

Gemstone necklaces on chains that redouble their refinement

What woman has never dreamed of showing off a lovely gemstone around her neck? Thanks to the pendant beaded mesh chain necklace and gold-plated baroque stone , combine necklaces and precious stones with ease. Fine and delicate, this necklace welcomes a stone or a crystal of your choice at the end of its chain. Decide quickly between pink agate, amazonite, amethyst, carnelian, moonstone and rose quartz.

Create an ethnic and bohemian look with the rond maya necklace on mesh chain and fine gold-plated stone. The fine stone and the hammered medallion of the jewel combine to brighten up necklines and bring color to a look. You can decide the type of mesh – convict or beaded? – and even have the messages of your choice written on the back of the medallion, for a necklace with a 100% personalized artisanal style.

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