Beneficial Effects of CBD Oil for Cats

Felines have an existing endocannabinoid system along with other mammals. So, CBD oil can help them with pain, stress, inflammation, anxiety, arthritis, and seizures, similar to what this product is doing for humans. Some signs to tell you that your cat is anxious are found on this site here.

As a pet owner, you might hear a lot of anecdotal evidence that backs up various stories of aggressive cats that turn into instant snuggle companions after getting relief from arthritis and getting up off their feet. It might not be a hundred percent that CBD has helped them, as there are still long-term studies needed to find this out. However, many people know that cannabidiol or CBD can appear to be safe in mammals, including cats.

There were plenty of studies conducted about giving larger doses to your pet, which may cause side effects to appear. However, contamination in THC might be something to blame because this compound produces psychoactive effects, as is evident in marijuana. Also, it’s worth noting that the kitties may eliminate CBD differently compared to pups, so it’s best if you can modify the dose accordingly.

What are the Benefits?

One of the primary claims to fame of cannabidiol is the promise of reducing pain and inflammation in mammals. This can be found in bottles of cheefbotanicals oil that are made up of organic ingredients and CO2 extractions. The cannabidiol primarily targets the vanilloid receptors, which essentially avoids activating. The product is also a good neuroprotector that treats a lot of disorders like epilepsy and seizures.

Other medical conditions where CBD can be helpful are the following:

  1. Anxiety in tiny kittens
  2. Painful sensations from arthritis and injuries
  3. Inflammation from wounds
  4. Decrease episodes of seizures for cats with epilepsy
  5. Helps with arthritic joints
  6. Ensure overall health and wellness
  7. May help speedily cure urinary tract infections

Which Products to Take?

Cannabidiol extracts that are specifically made for cats may come with mixed ingredients that are nutritious and palatable. Cats are picky eaters, so it’s essential to mix the tinctures first with the food they love and see how they will react to CBD. The oil for dogs is often combined with coconut oil, but a feline’s body can’t usually process this. Cats are carnivores in nature, and they might not be able to digest the coconut oil’s fatty acids well.

It’s essential to look for products that are specifically made for cats. They should be made up of locally sourced hemp in the USA, and every other ingredient should be organic. If you’re going to use tinctures with coconut oil mixed into them, ensure that you will get the concentrated CBD variety so that the kitties won’t ingest too much of the MCT.

How Much to Give?

Felines often weigh about 10 pounds or so, and it’s recommended to give them 2 to 4 mg of CBD. This can be double the recommended amounts for dogs, but there’s no need to fret. Cats often have twice the cannabinoid receptors as dogs, so they may need more mg of oil so you can see similar effects. For those with seizures and cancer, you may want to start with 4 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of weight for the first few doses until you see significant effects.

The more challenging your pet’s medical condition is, the more oil you’ll need to give them. Start small and gradually increase the dose after a few months, especially when you notice that your furry friend begins to feel calmer and happier. If you’re going to give a little less or increase the dose a bit more, it won’t do any harm. Just give them the approximate doses that will work best and observe them for a few weeks.

It may take 15 minutes to an hour before the oil affects your pet’s body. The dose can last for 5 to 6 hours, depending on the potency of the cannabidiol and how your pet is reacting to it. Factors that can alter the effects include age, activity levels, breeds, weight, medical ailment, and personal chemistry with the oil.

How to Use Cannabidiol Oil?

Most pet owners may drop the oil into their pet’s bowl and mix it with their favorite salmon. Sometimes, you may find that your kitten loves the taste of cannabidiol so much, especially when you combine it with little bits of sardines that it’s best to do what’s working.

Although you can just put the tinctures under their tongues, most felines don’t appreciate it when you give the product this way. They are not too happy when you mess up their mouths and taste buds.

Reports from pet owners have stated that CBD oil can be easier to absorb when it’s not taken with a full stomach. You can add them into afternoon treats when your cat hasn’t eaten its dinner yet or in the evenings when it’s about to sleep. You can try this for a week and increase the dosage until you get a more favorable response from your pets.

It’s also worth noting that every pet cat is different, so that they will have various responses with the CBD oil. However, as long as it’s going to work and they are happy and comfortable, these are the things that matter. Just be sure to get the products from a legitimate and trusted manufacturer in the industry to be on the safe side.

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